It's stupid and it's dumb, but as soon as I go into crazy mode its all a blur; I take any medications I can get my hands on. Motrin is the one I prefer. I don't do it often but, I'll take anywhere from 30-55 pills all at once, and end up blacking out after having a short high off of it.You can't even walk around properly; you wobble around like a drunk, you have no balance.And the next day I break out in a burning hot, rough/bumpy rash like condition which is painful as hell. You stay drowsy for around 2 days, and you're balance sucks for a couple more days. It's a horrible experience, but whenever I feel like I'm going nuts, it's the first thing I reach for.

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Motrin gives instant relief from pain. I also keep few pils of generic motrin with me always. You can find the details of this drug at

Aw that's just what I need.. *sigh*

xanax is prescribed for panic and has a mild anti-depressant, but mainly makes you drowsy and keeps you level-headed so as not to freak out, as you say!<br />

What is xanax prescribed for?

I'm hooked on anything and everything I can get my hands on. They keep me calm when I freak out.

It's funny how this reminds me off my youth , loved the cough syrups . Made me feel like superman and act a bit like him . I really could fly . <br />
This you can out grow if you don't hurt yourself to seriously .