Triple C's

Im 19 and I used to abuse Coricidin Cough and Cold. My life revolved around these things. I would pop antwhere from 24-32 on a normal basis and just go out and live my life (surprised i never crashed my car!) and when i was home and wanted to trip hard, i would take three boxes (48 pills) and just stay home and smoke. it was really bad and destroyed my body. i would shake all the time and i became super skinny, my body was dying slowly. I recently stopped doing them cause my life became so ****** up because of them. They screwed up everything i did in life and it was to the point where killing myself was an option. I got help from a friend and on new years day i threw out all my boxes and havent touched it since and so far everything is turning around, for the good. i got a job, re enrolled in college, im moving out and getting my own place and am in a happy relationship. and i feel like an idiot not realizing how bad it was screwing things up. i felt like nothing was going on in my life that was different but not until you stop do you realize what you have missed out on. do you know what its like to be called a failure and disowned from your family? i do and it sucks but im trying my best to turn things around and hopefully everything works out.. not only for me but for everyone that has a problem with drugs. =]

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You are right when you say "my life revolved around CCC's;" I have been addicted to Coricidin Cough and Cold for 6 years now and it is slowly killing me.

Congratulations to you! Keep one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward...