I Hate My Parents

So I grew up in a fairly wealthy indian household. We had money, cars and nice clothes but the thing that we never had was love.

For as long as I can remember my father has always hated me. Growing up it was because of silly little thing like me refusing to go to one of his friends houses. We wouldn't fight a lot just once every six months. He however would fight a lot with my mum, they would start off arguing and sometimes it became abusive and my mum would say thing like ' I only live with you because of the children.'
Her saying things like this made me feel like it was my fault she was so unhappy.

As I got older I never trusted my parents and never told them about anything that was happening at school. I remember when I was 14 and thus girl would bully me everyday. I never told anybody because I thought it would make the fighting at home worse and make me appear weak to my parents.

When I reached 16 the fighting became more constant. He would fight with me when I couldn't understand something written in a letter and would then ask me why I went to school, if I didn't understand anything,

Once he beat me because I refused to fill out a form for him. A form that later led to a court case and my dad got sued thousands of dollars for fraud. After he beat me my mum blamed it on me saying it was my fault for not filling out the form.

The reason that I dislike my mum is because whenever my dad fought with her, I NEVER blamed her even when I felt it was her fault. But when I have an argument she always blames me after.

I don't understand why they hate me I have NEVER done drugs, drank alcohol, had sex, attended parties or ever had a boyfriend. But they still hate me and make me feel like I am not good enogh because I do not do housework, even though I work my butt off at school and working for them, family business,

The thing that annoys me the most however is that everybody else, society, think tht our family is perfect. It's like my parents put on a show for the rest of society. Everybody says he lucky I am for getting everything. I hate that. I would swap my life for there's in a second if t meant being happy.

Jacintaluvsya Jacintaluvsya
Sep 19, 2012