Physical, Mental, Verbal Abuse.

Ever since I could remember, my mom has always been abusive. As a child, I believed that it was just discipline and maybe I was bad. The thing was she would only be extremely abusive when my dad was not there. Well time goes by and the physical abuse thinned down. Verbal and mental abuse increased. I am eighteen now. I am in college, my first year. I do not know how to drive (I do not have my permit either) because my mom forbid this and my dad just listened to her. She had convinced him that I would surely get pregnant if I was allowed to drive. I am not allowed to date either. I just feel so lost because she my mom and I don't know what I would do without her but I am so tired of being told what to do. I cannot go out with friends either. Last week we had a study group for sociology but my parents were not home. I called her and told her that my good friend from high school who lives like 5 minutes away and who is also on her way there, could pick me up and we could go together. My mom flipped out and said that I can't ride with my friend because my friends could "kill" me. I don't even know anymore. Both of my parents are so overly protective, especially my mom. I have been talking to a guy for a year now and I like him so much but I can't pursue anything much since we can never hang out. He thinks that I just don't like him enough but he just doesn't know my situation. It hurts so much. I don't know how to get out of this mess. Coming from an Asian family, family means everything. This type of overly protective, no hanging out with anyone treatment is typically of this ethnicity but I was born in the us and therefore I cannot understand this culture. I am so clueless on what to do. I want to move out but I don't have any money. I work with my parents at their store but my mom claims that everything in my bank account is get money. I said to her that I work too but she says she is feeding my stomach, giving me a place to stay, and taking me to school everyday. I have no money, no ability to drive, and absolutely nothing and no where to go. I do not know what to do anymore....
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1 Response Feb 18, 2013

try enrolling at a college that has dorms. speak to a counselor / advisor about your predicament 7 try to move out. i had to separate from my family because of their behavior. it was not easy but i chose to hurt on my grounds and not theirs. learn how to drive. God bless. also use birthcontrol & make a guy all guys your friends first. this way you get to know them bettr n can make the best choice for yuorself. counseling has a bad reputation but with the right on it is great-get some so you aren't as twisted as your parents & God's Peace upon them as well. make sure your friends drive responsibly. Peace & good luck. amen.