Every Night

I would take on average anywhere from 5-10 tylenols along with a few sleeping pills. This all started when I was 12 until I was about 16. My Mom kept all the pills in her bedroom above her bed. I would go in randomly complaining of a headache or sick stomach. She would usually give me two incase I needed another & she was sleeping. She was really protective of pills for some reason. After doing this for a while I would have a good collection in an empty bottle in my room. I would take so many sleeping pills that I could barely make it to my bed once they hit.

I remember one time (I was probably 13) when I took 8 tylenol & 4 sleeping pills (that I stole from her, she took a very high dose of sleeping pills I can't remember the name something pan?). I took them all at once & ended up falling onto my floor once they hit me. I forgot to put my bottle back & when my Mom came in in the morning to wake me up for school she got really worried, she threw me onto my bed & started slapping my face to get me to wake up. I could hardly keep my eyes open & I couldn't speak at all. All I can remember was waking up now & than to her dabbing a freezing cold wash cloth on my face. I missed two days of school, I don't even know how long I slept. When I woke up I felt like I was hit by a truck, she said didn't say anything about my pill bottle, but it was gone when I woke up. I was in couselling at the time but, I never talked about that.. it was for other stuff. & my Mom & i never discussed that night.. I hid it better from her for the next few years of doing this.

Aleighsha Aleighsha
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Me too, I was a stupid kid. I'm glad I didn't OD on her sleeping pills & need my stomach pumped. What helped me stop was actually reading a story of a kid who OD on anti-depressents. It scared the hell out of me. I'm much smarter now.