Rescue Mission For A Lost Angel. Please Help

ok so this is a little different but here we go. 

my story is not whats important. yea i went through a abusive relationship and thank god i made it out. i ended up moving to hawaii to make sure i couldnt go back to him again. before i left i shared as much as i could to my friend about what i had learned once i was free and the blindfold was taken off. now its been 5 months and she is still with her boyfriend. heres the story:


Alright so I heard about someone doing a fund raiser online to get him a trip to Hawaii so I thought maybe this will work to save my friend from the situation she is stuck in .so here’s the story:

 I have a friend back in California who desperately needs a new start. She has lived a very different life from most people and doesn’t have the knowledge or courage to do things differently. My goal is to get her out of the house of the guy who abused and criticized her for 5 years. She just lost her job and doesn’t know what to do or how to leave. She moved into his house straight from her parents house and has been there and working the same fast food restaurant since 2005. she knows nothing else besides the life with him and his control. Now, until she was 11 she lived with her mom who was a meth cook. At times the only food she ate was ice cream from the ice cream truck  when she got change from the addicts who came to buy from her mom. Now she lives off of tv dinners candy soda and ice cream.  She wasn’t taught things most people were taught growing up.  So life is a little more difficult for her.

Now I lived a hard life and lived in hate for most of my life. Then I finally returned to God and ended up in Hawaii, where I now live in love all the time. This place is so healing and wonderful for lost angels to remember who they are. It transformed my life. Now I know how wonderful life is and how wonderful I am. I am a Goddess. And so is my friend. I used to hate my life and now I love my life for the first time. And I feel that way every day. And now I want that for her. I have continued to invite my friend to come out here for I know this could help her to  love life and remember who she really is. Now he broke up with her and she lost her job and is stuck in his house, with no where to go, so she is staying there. I’m not going to be one of those people who goes to a funeral and says I should of done something sooner. She has told me she would come if I came out there and got her but she admits she wouldn’t even try to do it by her self. I only get general assistance coming in and I barley get by with that. I am looking for a great farm to stay at for work trade and hopefully has opportunity to make extra money. Also a farm that will have lots of learning opportunities so I can bring her to a loving community that she can learn from. (if anyone knows a good one in the puna area on the big island please id love suggestions). I feel that raising the money only that way could take to long to go back for her.

So this is where you come in. I am starting a fund raiser. I figure I need to raise money for a plane tickets so I can go there and fly back with her. Money for baggage. Hotel room for before the flight. Car rental or even bus tickets to get from northern cali to Sacramento. And also food money. And whatever is left would be to making her comfortable and happy when she gets her. Ive heard of people raising $40,000 for some silly trip so I believe making a few thousand could be easy. So if you could donate $1 $5 $10 $20 $100

Any price doesn’t matter. All will help. I know there has to be enough loving people in the evolving world today.

This woman is a beautiful child of the light its about time she knows that. She deserves better than anyone I know please help me rescue her so she can remember who she truly is. God bless you all.

please help spread the word at least if you cant donate.

p.s. remember you are strong. you are a woman and ment to get through some tuff **** in life. keep your head up, you are amazing and i love you!

rescuemissionforalostangel rescuemissionforalostangel 22-25, F Apr 27, 2010

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