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I've been in emotionally and physically abusive relationships practically all of my life and I'm 47. I just ended the latest one because he has blacked my eyes and generally beat the brakes off me. On top of that he lies and cheats compulsively. I allowed him and his homeless friend to move in with me because I had lost my job, found out that I had a chronic disease that was life threatening, was going thru a divorce where my ex left me with piles of debt and was going into foreclosure and so I really needed the money. I was going thru the lowest period of my life and suffering like hell. Finally I woke up and got them both out of my house. I got on my knees and prayed for God to give me the strength to survive and to stay away from this man. I asked God for healing and changed my thinking and now I pray that I can love myself enough not to ever let another man abuse me. I'm still hurting, but time heals all wounds. I just want to share with everyone that "This too Shall Pass". I start a new job tomorrow - Praise God!!!!!
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good for you! at least you have the strength to take action...alotd of people getr beet down to where they are truly helpless....

I think I posted to your story. Are you the one with the crazy, alcoholic wife? I don't mean any harm, but please find the strength to get out of that mess. The man who was abusing me was also an alcoholic like I mentioned. They will mess your life up if you let them. Do not be a codependent and don't let her intimidate with threats about getting your kids. That's how my husband kept me in an emotionally abusive marriage for 15 years. You have more rights than you think. Plan your exit right now and spring it on her by surprise so she doesn't have time to plan her next sick move. I would love to see her face when she looks around and you are no longer there for her to abuse. Im now free and intend on staying that way. LOL