I think I need to get out of this "relationship". He seemed like the perfect guy. Although he is a little younger than me I gave it a shot because he was so charming and seemed so into me! I am a single parent of two and he seemed to be so excepting of this. Notice that I use the words 'seemed a lot. Gradually his charming ways seemed to fade away. He went from buying me gifts all the time to telling me how incredible I was and us spending every weekend together, texting, calling, everything. To BAM! , the opposite.  He started becomming controlling, yelling at me for the way I do things, constantly putting me down but tells me it is because he loves me and wants to help me. He makes remarks about my children calling them brats and spoiled. He is so jealous of their father. He accuses me of still having feelings for him and then called me a *** dumpster because I had kids. My heart is constantly hurting because I really thought I found somebody who was crazy about me. He then  started talking to another woman and I caught him. He told me that she was more attractive to him because she has a look that he is into. :( So I told him that I was a very monogamous person and I could not be with somebody who was unfaithful.  I have actually have never been so hurt in my life. It wasn't the cheating, it was the things that he was saying. Like this woman was so much better than me and I was disgusting. Meanwhile, I have an MBA, I run marathons, I make more money than him, and I know I am attractive. This woman worked a gas station..and had very slutty looks to her. but I know this is irrelevant. When I told him I did not want to see him anymore he freaked out, cried, begged, told me he could not live without me, that he lost sight of what was important to him and promised to not talk to her. After that he was back to his charming ways and Mr. perfect.. so like an idiot I fell for it. Well now he is back to insulting me, snapping at me for no reason and telling me everything I do wrong. Please I need to get of of this I know it is not healthy for me or my children. Does anybody have advice? 
090775me 090775me
May 24, 2012