From Sexless Fiance to Verbal Abuser..

so i'm forced to live with my ex-fiance until i find a place of my own, and as you might imagine its hell on earth.

today he called me a f*king *sshole and said he wants me to get the f*k out of here (his house).

simply because i want to get a ride to town with him (we are far from any civilization).. but he only "allows" for me to go once per week.  he just wants to play his sport in town, and it 'stresses him out too much' to take me along.

i felt suicidal today after the arguement.  he's the only one who ever makes me feel suicidal.  otherwise i am a happy artist who makes children book illustrations (not professional, just starting out).

before we moved together, he made feel so bad that i landed in the mental hospital for one week.

i'm just so emotionally drained right now.. and all i need to recover is to get AWAY and HEAL.

but, i'm stuck out here until i find a car and a place.

lonelypassion lonelypassion
Mar 20, 2009