I Hate Hunter College Almost 100 Percent(i Like To Use The Mens Room)

this place s*cks its all over rated commie trash. HATE THE THEATRE DEPARTMENT HERE. its all overrated lackey commie trash. I hate the GERMAN department here they make it too complicated and OFFER zero tutor support.(like the GHETTO hospital). then they supervise YOU 24 hours a day with SECURITY TRASH. (i really would like to prosecute under existing corporate espionage laws and PRIVACY laws). then there 100 percent(I am already using the mens room) garbage can course that cost alot of time and money and it USUALLY is about my RACIAL and ethnic ENEMIES that NEVER give or MAKE available any money or RESOURCES to me. when you finally graduate 90 percent of your DEGREE is JUNK courses. then you can get somebody to finance your MASTERS degree in pro-SKELing ( they GUY from the LAUNDRAMOT without any laundry). I AM SICK and TIRED of asking my mother for money or MAYBE I can marry some ethnic c*nt trash like a chinese or Indian woman and wait until YOUR mother and father CROAKS(in college SKEL english that sounds like Yiddish, like gargling with listerine). I hear you want to be WHITE too. WASN'T I a garbage can course?
Igiveyounothing Igiveyounothing
41-45, M
Nov 27, 2012