I Hate Hunter College Nyc

I am 46 years old. When i was 18 these types of people would bad mouth the army. oh SOME n*gger follows you around 24/7 and they do what they want with you. THIS PLACE HUNTER COLLEGE s*cks. I taking a theatre class with this jewish Prof. NOW I live in nyc all of my life. I am a nyc german. I am almost 99 percent JEW immuned. BUT this woman is the BIGGEST LOSER I EVER SEEN EVER in the theatre. that is some acting 3 trash. then they make you take PURE Garbage can course like C*NT awarenss or **** that n*gger course. MORE JUNK I have to spend alot of money on. I REALLY LOVE my enemies. DO nothing give you nothing enemies.thne this JEWISH woman in the theatre course has these two SPICS do a piece about a GermaN LIVING IN enGLAND IN THE 1950'S. iT WAS ok. BUT THAT LADY DID NOT GET THE idea AT ALL. then I wanted to do a JOHN OSBORN piece and this jerkoff says ITS TOO ETHNIC SPECIFIIC in whiny upper west jew c*cksucker language.
Igiveyounothing Igiveyounothing
41-45, M
Dec 4, 2012