I've Noticed..

When I am re-telling an event,  I'm always sure to add all the negative things that had happened.  I'll sprinkle it with some positive events, but the majority is the negative.

It's not something I am proud of it's just how I am.
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I was just making it clear where I was coming from. :) That I wasn't saying.."What negative things shall I write about today?" it just turns out that way.

If I didn't have this conscious choice right now I could not write some of the things that I think are good. I was in no way haveing a go at you. I responded to your comment and what it bought to life in me.<br />
It is like the ability to do this is a tool to help me by. I have been called the story teller by my friends. They tell me that I can make a lie sound like the truth. That in itself is not something I am proud of at times. Made it harder for them to beleive me when I was telling the truth though.

It's not something I am proud of it's just how I am. It's not a conscious choice.

This is exactly what sells news papers and the such, but like all gifts that have been given man, it is also one he abuses. <br />
As a business woman I was held up one day by those late collecting their wages for the week. My daughter had music lessons, so a friend took her to her class for me. (on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle)<br />
That same week she went to blue light school disco at the hotel I drink at. Also the same place my friend on the motorcycle drank. I was not there on the night.<br />
A month or so later the story was;<br />
My twelve year old daughter was sneaking out at night with bikers, and going to the pub with them. Something I was apparently not aware of. <br />
Caused both my daughter and I a lot of grief that story did, once all the negatives were attached to it by all those who had to spread the word.<br />
I rode motor bikes for a living before I started my own business. To an outsider looking down their nose at me, their were plenty of negatives in seeing a 12 year old on a Harley. Oh and just what was this same girl doing at the pub while her mother was not there. <br />
Two stories days apart rolled into a day that never existed. <br />
Accentuating the Negative can make the best of stories, but I think it should be used strictly for entertainment purposes only.