Let Us My Tubbybrethren Gather And Listen To The Gospel Of Tinky Winky... Tubbyamen...

this story is not finished, innit?
Krapsparov Krapsparov
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I didn't know a group like this existed but I joined as soon as I saw it
tellytubby custard for me

I am about to 'recycle' tellytubby land.
will you cast me out?

recycle Teletubbyland? good grief! why, o cruel God, why?

It's a one women battle against the plastic tat that has invaded my living space - and trust me, telly tubby land is no small piece of plastic tat.... AND LO THE DEVIL CAME AND TEMPTED ME WITH SHINY PLASTIC! THIS WILL OCCUPY YOUR CHILDREN HE SAID.... but it was lies, only lies....