Cannot Forget

I still carry the scars and they are very deep. Never a day passes without me having a thought of my childhood.

My Grandma had a huge impact in my childhood and that was a very positive impact too. If not for her love and care I would not be in this world in the first place. Unfortunately I had a Dad who was satan in disguise. This held back many things that I could have achieved.

To be looking at the positives is the best, and to cherish fond memories and what she wanted me to be, encourages me.
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I can relate all too well. I am sorry for your pain and grateful for your joy. My grandfather was a sadist. I also feel, that it makes those who were kind to us, that much more special.

It is sad that there are many who have to endure years of suffering at the hands of these wicked people. Thankfully we have had those who cared and loved us too. Thank you for your kind comments, which I appreciate very much. I have not been in EP that often during the past few months and hope I will be able to spend more time in here. Phil

some times good moments are few, people get scared to death that you will have any.

Thank you for your comments.

Was he an addict ?

A Sadist is a better word to describe him.