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What a great group name!

I so easily accept other people's mistakes. But I am sooo awful with myself at times.

As a song says "Life is to tune a musical instrument, from inside-out, and from outside-inwards"

Is this acceptance that gives enough peace to change ☼? It certainly helps.  I know change will always happen.

But let it be surrouded by acceptance, peace and wisdom ♥ and lots and lots of love



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We definitely need to pay more attention to self love and self honesty. Keep in touch and take care.

I wonder why there aren't more comments to this subject when I suspect that difficulty with self-acceptance is a very common occurance. I for one have a lot of trouble letting go of mistakes. I beat myself up constantly on stuff that happened in the past that, rationally, I know I have no control over and there's very little you can do about it. However it still nags at you from within.

It is a learned behavior, though. And I guess we can unlearn it. We might even be addicted to it. It thus takes tremendous amounts of will power to get over it. But it can be done.

When I was younger it was certainly out of control. With age I tend to feel that I am better at managing it. Bottom line: there's hope in wisdom, maturity, and self-knowledge.

Take care.

often enough, we are mean to ourselves yet nice to others, because we would rather turn that stuff inside than direct it toward others.

acceptance of mistakes? really tough! i accept myself in general, but mistakes i make, i HATE!!