I Am Who I Am Because God Is Great!!!

I accept myself for who and what I am, because I know I am delightfully and wonderfully made. I am also bi-sexual with a great husband 6 kids ( one sort of adopted), and have a girlfriend. I have heard all the tired excuses of going to hell, over a one liner in the bible. I also tire of any judgments of any other people. I recall that being a bully which back in the day I was and realize my opinion only mattered to me and caused great pain even it was childish opinions. I have almost accepted a father who married while married to my mom, one time in my life or never contacting me except the 3-4 times I tried and ended it at 36 y.o..I have accepted he had done the best he can and leave it at that. Everyone has a great value, and I have chosen not to miss out on anyone that I can, because that would truly be a great loss for me. I hope that all can see how much people really want to know and accept them exactly as who they are!
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im also bi sexual married with 3 kids and 5 grandbabies

Thanks for your courage. God is Great. And we are "fearfully made" by His hands. Let no man separate what God has joined together (our union with Him). And let not one sheep be harmed. Good luck and God Bless.