I Accept Every Person As A Whole Package

There was a time when I believed the world is just black and white and people are supposed to be the way I think they should be and that everyone else are wrong. And I tried to change character and behavior of people around me to fit my view on things. It was back when I was 13, at that 'wonderful' age when you think you're the smartest person on earth and everyone else are a bunch of stupid morons. Thankfully that time is long gone.

Now I accept people as they are. I don't judge the looks, beliefs, way of life, etc. I accept every person as a whole package. I don't try to change anyone to fit my standards. We are all different and yet have so much in common. That's what makes life so interesting.
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that is an excellent way to view people

GW, EH - I agree with you. Thanks.

SS - this is a nice share. I really like this you have said 'Now I care less what people think and say when they intentionally try do hurt me. I care about what I think and say.' <br />
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And you are so right, the main person we need to worry about it us. Because we can do it to, intentionally or unintentionally. That's the one that used to worry me the most, upsetting people unintentionally. Now I realised no two people agree on everything. So if you dont conflict sometimes someone is pretending. I just try to be as straightforward as I can, and hope the other party is too. If not, that's up to then.

Hi Anto815. I'm glad I inspired you.<br />
Don't let anyone get you down. I understand its hard. I read your story and I can only imagine how you feel. But I believe that our attitude towards life matters and actions/reactions of lowlifes don't.<br />
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I was a sensitive child and some kids used it against me as a way to have their fun. And at some point i found myself not wanting to go outside and socialize with people. I grew up but still was sensitive to what people were saying to me and I let that get me down. It lasted for quite a while until I got mad at the situation and started working on my attitude towards people and life in general. A person from my past unknowingly helped me with this by saying I will stumble upon ******** quite often in my life and if I let those lowlifes stop me each time, I won't get anywhere I want. He was talking about office environment, but I projected it to life in general and realized that it applies there too. His words worked :)<br />
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I found myself, I know who I am and what I stand for, what my values are. And I value my time too much now to pay attention to people who's life goal is to get off on other people's hurt and pain. Now I care less what people think and say when they intentionally try do hurt me. I care about what I think and say.<br />
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It doesn't mean that they don't get to me, they do sometimes unfortunately, especially if they're pretty persistent and get directly in my face, but usually not for long. And I don't show them I'm hurt, and sometimes even confront them, that usually gets them mad or scared and they back off.<br />
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It is hard work, and it is possible to get there. I wish you luck. Hold your head up high and remember who you are. Those ******** are not worth your time. *hugs*

Hello...."BOY"...What can I say....There should be more people out there like you.I am so tired of people judging me thinking I am weird, ugly and fat etc. I sometimes feel like they are talking behind my back....I avoid any social situations...I just sit at home all day feeling sorry for myself.....It"s like a vulture feeding off my flesh and any happiness is being sucked out of me like a wirl pool of terror.And the sad part about it is that the feelings get stronger each day. "But" what you said "INSPIRED" me so much. I am not gonna let them get me down nomore. Today starts a new day for me. Thanks for sharing I just want to Thankyou once again.....Anto815