It Was How I Was Raised

My mother wasn't always in the best of health so, when I was growing up, we had a housekeeper/caregiver for me and my dad.  She was a black woman who was raised in the deep south.  She was a wonderful woman.  Even though she didn't have regular book smarts she was very smart and extremely wise.  She had a gentle way about her and she treated me like I was her son even though I wasn't.  She was so kind and loving and cooked the best food and cookies.  I learned how to cook from her.

My father could have hired a white housekeeper but he didn't.  He didn't care what color people were, it was more about who would do the best job at keeping the house and helping him and raising me.  When he picked her, he was fair and honest.  He treated her like a person.

When her son got into trouble, my father stood up for him.  There were a bunch of men standing outside of the jail. I'll never forget a man asked my father, "Why would you take up for that ******'s son? He ain't nobody . . .but a worthless ******."

My father was always calm. 

He said, "If you are referring to Maybelle, she isn't a ******.  She takes care of my home, my son and me.  She is like family."

Then the man made a rude comment about my father and Maybelle.  (My mother was still alive but still in the hospital).

This was one time I remember my father losing his cool.

My father punched this man square in the face.  The man fell to the ground.

My father said to the man, "If you get up and don't apologize, I will deck you back to the ground again."

The man got up an apologized to my father, Maybelle, her son and to me.

We all got in the car.  Maybelle said that she was sorry that my father said something to those men and that she would work extra hard to pay for the bail that my father paid for to get her son out of jail.

My father said, "Maybelle, you are not like family.  You are family."  As far as ___________ (her son's name), he's family too.  My father looked over at Maybelle's son who was sitting in the back seat next to me and said, "If you ever get into trouble again, I will disown you.  Do you understand me?"  Maybelle's son said, "Yes, sir."

Later on that evening, my father came up stairs to say goodnight and we talked about the day's events.

He said to me, "Son, you are to treat everybody the same.  It doesn't matter what color they are, what religion they practice, what kind of food they eat or don't eat.  God put everybody on the planet to get along with each other and help each other.  We are to accept people the way they are.  We are no better than anybody and nobody is better than us.  We are all God's children."

I have kept those words engraved on my heart.

I accept people as they are.  Good or bad, we are all God's children.
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I like reading your stories. It inspires me...

What a great example he was.

He was. Thank you.

You are very lucky to have such a great father. Since I was young my father was an immature irresponsible jerk who didn't grow up. He was unemployed, did no housework and disrespected my mother. Growing up, my parents remained together but they constantly argued and had a weak relationship. Reading about your family members and your wife are incredible and show how a family is supposed to support one another. You remind me of a history teacher who I currently have in school who is a man of God and is also happily married to a black wife who helped him and has two kids. I can tell you are a very respectable and virtuous man.

Thank you PrincessLadybug. I think your observations about couples will help to serve you when you decide to start dating. You know what is acceptable and what isn't. Respect for yourself and then for others will bring about the right person for you when the time is right.

Thanks for the advice. I haven't started dating and there are a lot of kids in my school who do but I don't want to date them because they're stupid and because I'm shy. Sometimes I feel pressured.

good story :)

Thank you.

Wow what an inspirational story! Yourh dad sounds like a wonderful person glad he punched that redneck idiot in the nose!

I'm glad I had a father who wanted to make sure that I learned to solve problems through intelligent discussion and not the use of violence. That was the only time I ever saw my father strike a man or talk of doing harm to anyone.

very enlightening thanks

Thank you FurryFace.

...Wow what an enlightening story. I'm at a loss for words...your father is truly a reincarnation of Jesus an example of how we should see another eye to eye, heart to heart. For who we are as human beings. Thank you for sharing this story KingofSwords this only adds to my insight of the world around me! :)

Thank you for your kind comment. He was a wonderful man. Many of my stories that I have posted have been about him. He loved Wilde to pieces. They were very close. The Flower Boxes story in my profile is one that is very dear to me. It is about my relationship with my mom and my dad.

I'll read them. And learn from them. Thanks again! :)

Beautiful post from a beautiful soul.

Thank you Ms. Crone.

:-) you are most welcome.

Your father was ahead of his time, and in that respect very wise.

An excellent story that really hits home a very important point.<br />
<br />
It takes a very strong man to stand against the crowd, for what is right and just. I am happy for you having the upbringing you had, and can only hope I can be such an inspiration to any children I may have some day.

Your dad reminds me of Atticus Finch. Great story.

It is interesting that you said that. Gregory Peck for a father? Hmm. My father was upstanding and had some of the traits of Peck's character. My grandfather reminds me more of Atticus Finch than my father (especially when I got a spanking when I returned home one weekend from college). My maternal grandfather seemed more like John Houseman.

Lol to all that. I don't know who John Houseman is, and had totally forgotten that old Atiticus' name was Finch! I too see some resemblance in the story... But I'll accept your word for it that it was your grandfather who was more like Atticus. :) Was good to get that visual on it though. Thanks milky!

John Houseman is a very good, reserved actor who is best know for his role in the movie Paper Chase.

I &lt;3 Houseman. He reprised the role in the television series as well. For the longest time, I wanted to go to law school simply because I wanted to be taught by a professor like him. Oh, wait. I still want that.

LOL, Milky.

I thought the sane thing!


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Thank you for reading it. I love my father. I'm blessed that he will be at my wedding at the end of the week. I know it is a dream for him to see his son happy again (as it is for all parents) and marry the woman of his dreams which I will be doing at the end of the week. He is a one-of-a-kind gentleman whose characteristics I always try to emulate.

Congratulations. I wish you both great happiness. I think you've got a right catch there, and I dare say the same of her. May it go well, and fulfill you both for the rest of your lives.

A very warm story told. Thank you for sharing.

I admire your father, and you for learning from him. I too come from the south originally. I witnessed a lot of racism. It is very sad and disturbing. But it is good to know there are people out there like your Dad and you. Thank you for such an uplifting story. Peace and blessings. :)

Your father is an honorable man to have imparted that wisdom to you.

This is one of the best stories that I have read here so far. I wish more people had your fathers qualities and stood up for what is right. Treating people equally and being fair is something that I have always tried to be with others.

Thank you EbonyLady.

You were raised well. Your dad set an excellent example and taught you well. It shows. I'm glad you are the man you are and we are like brothers.

Thanks Buck. I'm glad were "brothers" too.

"We are all God's children."<br />
It is a marvellous sentence which your dad left there. Well few people would have acted like him. You can be to proud of him. The consideration that we have towards the others should hold only with only one thing: our heart always tells the truth!<br />
Sometimes we must defend our point of view, our lifestyle or our thinks. Certain people understand that, others no and it is well damage, but the man is thus. We must even understand and accept the demonstrations of bad mood of our similar. Inner Wisdom is at this price.<br />
Nice post, thanks to share with us!<br />
(Julie comment #2)

i was raised same way as you be kind to all<br />
treat them as you would have others treat you that is so true in the world today<br />
to many bullies in school to many kids uncontroled<br />
parents dont care enough to discpiline tehre kids the way they should be<br />
<br />
dont judge ohters the way they look or dress they are allways different on the inside

Thank LG. I think he rocks too.

You're father rocks. It is neat how he taught you to accept people for who they are and not judge them by the color of their skin. I'm glad he decked that racist bastard to the ground. I also like that he told Maybelle and her son that they are part of the family. Your father set an excellent example on how human being should be.

I knew as a young child that my father was different from other fathers. It didn't bother me. He was kind and supportive. He expected me to work hard because he worked hard to provide for me and so did his father for him. I am proud that I was raised by a father who had good and strong morals and a caregiver Maybelle for her kind, sweet wisdom.

Your father was a great man and hope you are extremely proud he was 1 in million.

My father learned some important life lessons early in his life and wanted to be sure that I learned them as well. Racism is taught. It is not a natural instinct to single people out because they look different from you. Parents and others teach their young to make negative associations ba<x>sed on race and speech. I learned to make judgments about people ba<x>sed on their actions not the color of their skin.

Here is finally someone who really understood the principle of true brotherhood. Great family. Excellent comment. Thank you for sharing.

Excellent story. Congratulations. Tolerance is the new key for the humanity's future.

nice story...youre father was a wise man..someone who stood up for what is right..<br />
i on the other hand had the total opposite...thats life ..

I learned to love people for who they are and not limit them or myself by looking at the color of their skin. I thank God that people come in technicolor.

Your father gave you excellent advice. Yes, we are all God's children.