Why Don't People Comment More?

With so many people on EP, and so many people reading other people's posts, you would think that people would have something to say. People will read stories and rate them up or down. What I would like to know is why people choose not to comment.
TantrikMan TantrikMan
6 Responses May 7, 2012

I try to always say at least a few words. The person went to all that trouble to write and share. Sometimes I admit I can not think of anything to say. Or rather there have been a few stories where I can not think of anything positive or supportive to say. Those I will just leave.

yes ..i people are shy to comment add to that so many people cannot put a simple sentence together. There are probably many other reasons, I,ve always liked writing a bit so that has helped me.

There are many different reasons, I think. Some like myself do like to comment and receive comments. But not everybody likes or is able to express him/her-self in words. Also sometimes somebody else has already 'taken the words out of my mouth' and no use to make redundant comments like: "Me too"

your stories i live for on this site, i just so upset and sad to see you have basically stopped :(

We're back now! :)

I have enjoyed many of your stories and would love to be your friend here!

Great story. I try to leave a comment on the stories I read.