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No Dirty Laundry

My laundry bill is high. The hotel charges $13.75 for a shirt and $6.00 for under garments. We have been staying in an hotel room for more than 32 days now.

Today, I decided to launder our pyjamas and undergarments myself. But my husband's business shirts and suits still need to be done professionally .

The current hotel receptionist informed me today that I could use the hotel washing machine in the basement free of charge.

There were only one washing machine and one dryer.

I opened the lid of the washing machine and realised someone had not claimed their washing. I went back to reception to ask for help.

One of the hotel staff assisted me. He opened the lid of the washing machine and he pulled out at least 12 colourful bras and placed them in the laundry basket on the folding table. He looked shocked and I was stifling a laugh.

He mumbled "how many bras can a lady wear in one week'.

I laughed and said, it may not be a lady.....look at the panties, just colourful bras and man's briefs.


We heard the basement lift went 'ping' and saw a man heading towards us. We quickly programmed the washing machine and walked the other way.

I accept people as they are but I also try to avoid their fetishes.



Duchessforthright Duchessforthright 46-50 11 Responses May 25, 2012

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Maybe he was washing his wife or gf's undergarments? Then again, they could be his. lol

Thanks for sharing. :D

It is lovely to come back to comment on a story I wrote some time ago. How time flies and I can still laugh at this story, the comments and reunite with blast from the past;) hi owjc;)

So true. Hey there Duchess! Blessings to you, my friend. <3

Funny story :D...and I agree with womaninbliss's comment :)

It's a little sad that people like him (assuming he was a transvestite) have to flit guiltily about, hoping that no one sees them loading or unloading washing machines. It must be even tougher when he goes shopping for bras!

zzltfrg--I think he should fear me lol

If it was his washing you probably saved him some embarrasment.<br />
Which of course is a nice thing to have done.

Did he have saggy man boobs, Duchess??? Were the bras cute and small? Or were they more for lift and support???

I think he can fit a sock or two in them;)

Why do we always think of these things once it's too late? This could have been a very interesting soul to have an exchange with, perhaps he wanted to talk about his many freshly spun bright bras?

You think so, Hilly? One colourful story haha. No, I think I made the right decision;)

Husband away in Melbourne. Another laundry load tomorrow. Another adventure hehe


Hehe maybe I should have waited a while to wash mine? :)

Maybe he is a bra salesman. Is there such a job? No, probably it is what it seems to be.

Excellent Duchess ... your discretion is admirable.

Hiya WIB. Long time no see;) thank you for coming;)

**waving** hi there!

Duchessforthright,<br />
<br />
Oh my what a fun story.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

I'm still wondering whether the laundry belonged to him;)

Love it Duchess! You have a good head on your shoulders dear!

Hilly, maybe I should have waited to see his reaction? Hehehe.