I Don't Know If It Fits Here But I Have To Write

Today an Ex-girlfriend texted me which I was thrown back a little as we hadn't talked in forever well I had bent over backwards for her did and gave her everything. I found out today the whole time she was suppose to be my girlfriend, she was using me for my money as she was married. I got really pissed off as I loved that lady would do anything for her and even take a bullet if I had too. She told me she had to marry him or her mom would try to take him away from her. I told her I will forgive you as I do love you but I don't know what to do and want help as apart of me wants to give a second chance and the other is saying don't so I figured to come to the place were I know I can get help.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Just keep in mind if she lied to you like that once she could very well do it again. It sounds like you have a lot of love to give to someone who is worthy. She abused your love big time. Give it to someone who will give it back. Please ready my story "My Love is Abundant" to know how I feel about giving love.

Thank you so much and I will read that