My New Life....sharing Pleasure! Accepting Others!

Hi, I'm Annstudfinder and this past May began a new and most pleasurable discovery and pleasure I wish I had been brave enough to have joined my husband in many years ago?

As of May 19th, after 41+years of marriage, I took a new lover and became a new "Hot wife!".I couldn't be any happier, nor my husband for experiencing the pleasures another man could bring to me with my husband's full blessing and encouragement!

I was quickly approaching 60 years old and felt I had curiosities about other men, other lovers and my own sexuality to be resolved? My man and I had been sifting through sites, ads and here on line searching for the right man to be the one to make me a new "Hot wife"?

Fate sometimes intervenes, and we didn't find him, he found us? This man was at a friend's home and doing as men do were looking at profiles and photos and seeing our profile...putting 2+2 together. Ages, location and what he could see of my face in photos took a hunch it might be us, he still had our phone number 20years after I worked for him as my Boss!

He placed a call to us, my husband happened to answer the phone and my old Boss asked Gene if he remembered him and Gene replied of course? He went on to explain why he was calling and if we truly were seeking a man or men for 3sum sexual fun, my husband replied in the affirmative! My former boss from so many years ago ask my hubby if he could be considered for the fun we were seeking? Gene told him, ask her yourself?

Onxe on the phone, we had a trip down memory lane about the years we worked together. His desire to know me intimately but I was married etc? That call led to several calls, e-mails that became more intimate in nature and finally culminating in and evening in his motel room after meeting for coffee. We had great yet relaxed sex and seemed to have never missed the twenty years we had not seen each other? he was a better lover and well endowed than I expected, but then I think I surprised him with shall we special skills in the art of intimacy?

What could have been a one night stand has turned in to several months of bi monthly weekends spent together at our home with my husband in attendance and often participating! I use the term bi as he comes down every two weeks to stay from Friday night to Sunday. But I also use the term as not only my lover admitted some bisexual interest orally, but is something my husband has been involved in and shares more than a casual curiosity about over the years? Needless to say, my lover and I have shared many pleasurable nights of passion with my husband watching and usually participating! If you're wondering "do they"? Yes and quite comfortable with each of all, it arouses me to view them share oral sex! Whatever hang ups or concerns about such are....

"Gone with the Wind"!

Ladies and gents, what ever your ages, be you 40s,50s,60s...or up! Don't let life pass you by and never search out and fulfill long desired fantasies? You can never realize them unless
you make a concerted effort to at least experience them?

My parting thought...gals, have you ever wondered what having two men together is like? Ask me?
macman49 macman49
61-65, M
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Hi Guy's, loved your story. Please add me so we can be friends.

Congrats on finally opening your mind at such an advanced level of life experience. Must be very freeing. If more women shared your attitude, the world would be a happier place.

Sounds like a hot weekends you guy's have....

Hot story!!! Would you consider adding me?

What a sexy story. Kudos to both of you for being able to open your minds after so many years of marriage. It must have been a real thrill for all involved to finally get to **** your old boss!

Thank you both so much and we LOVE our new life-style and ex-boss is
wife's main lover! Hung oddly...average 6" but huge in girth,almost 9"
around! Thank you, we love all your hot photos, haven't had time to comment yet! We like hot dirty comments,that cool?

SharingCoach..thank you! Yes, thrill of my old boss being my lover 20 years later is highly thrilling for me and my husband? Thanks for your comment!

Everyone has their own path. Congrats on the fulfillment of yours! --DW

Thanks,Coffeefirst! So glad to hear from you?

Thanks DW!

I envy your new found fun. While I do have a hotwife, she only takes an occasional excursion, the last being over a year ago and which was our first MFM.

We all have different needs and some are predicated by our current ages, yet maybe as with a lot of Hot wives. she didn't want you to perceive her as too eager for new/more lovers?

No, she enjoys the sex and then afterward she has her guilt trip and has her own religious hang ups.

As your friend, all I can say is sorry! Wasted negative energy :(
Mine seems to bask in fact a man wanted her!

Wow thanks for righting that wonderful story!

can i send you my resume

Never to late.

No it's not, Hoogie! Thanks for helping others remember that!

This sounds like all three of you have found some happiness

We truly did for a lengthy period of time but best part I taught her the many ways to please her man and albeit a Pastor, still a man with desires?

I agree

Thanks for your input!

You certainly have my admiration!

Please move near me.
I could really enjoy learning from you.

Thank you sweetie! Mu husband and I think you're letter one of best we've ever got and we are SURE you can get the "job" done!
Just start with flattery and how sexy she STILL is and maybe she'll put out for you?

Thanks Hon,
Ann M.

Thanks Lovely Ann. I would think that a woman would be honored to know that her husband wants her to have sexual encounters with other men - that way she can indulge in sexy men without any concern of cheating nor of committment to someone she finds sexually enticing but otherwise not. All while still having her man at home who she can count on to take care of her. And yet, some women are vehemently opposed to such a proposition, for various reasons including the husband must not love her if he's willing to share her. That's horse hockey, but it must be something deeply engrained from childhood. are spot on! Your assessment as good as any I've read and sincerely thank you for stating your thoughts!

What a great woman you sound and so glad you've found a new interest in life that keeps you both happy.

Yes we have and damn sure Love It!
Thanks for commenting and good luck to you!

You just might get lucky as we did?

YES,...I have or should say.." We have pleasantly?"

Hi Ann,
My wife is very keen to have 2 men, and while on holiday recently, a chance arose when 2 younger guys made it absolutely clear they wanted to **** my wife, and having rejected the opportunity, I was taken by surprise when she admitted she wanted them to **** her. Now we have the task of meeting her need to get this experience without taking a risk. I don't want to take part, or watch - any ideas ?
Our social position precludes involving any one we already know

Well, I'm no adviser or I would have entered that type fun with my husband years earlier but we've tried other sites and due to EP I met the original lover who made me a "Hot wife" and hopefully some one may offer to help makes this a reality,discreetly for her?
Good luck and you are a gentleman

About 10 years ago my wife and I were in the "lifestyle" and hooked up with this great retired couple in their early 60's and boy were they having fun. No history of extramarital sex, but once they were retired all limits were off. I retire myself in another 6 months, can't wait to see what my wife and I get into.

Sounds great ! My wife wants to get into bed with 2 guys -I\'m relaxed about it, but, don\'t want to participate. She has a much higher sex drive than me . She completely satisfies me, but, clearly needs both the excitement and sexual need. It has to be bareback only to satisfy her

I can\'t understand why you would not want to participate. My wife never wanted a condom worn. She wanted skin on skin and the feel of *** shooting into her. She never had two men plus me, only MFM but is she had I could not have just watched. I\'ve always had to have my turn. Sloppy seconds were out of this world. Sloppy thirds would have been good, too.

Before I married my wife she admitted to me she fantasized about being with two men. Back then, 28 years ago, I was too inhibited to even consider it. Now, being older and wiser, maybe, I think back on that statement. I should have indulged her back then and took on another man in the bed with us. It might have led to another woman in the bed too. In fact, it might have changed her view on sexuality altogether. Now, she's completely a prude. She won't even go down on me and thinks *** is some kind of dirty fluid that should be avoided. Alas, woe is me now. The things we do not do can affect us negatively many miles and many hours down the road. I regret not having allowed her to fulfill her fantasy back then. I often ponder the possibilities now. Especially since I've secretly indulged in male to male contact.

So you are bisexual? Great! Suck my **** as you **** my wife!

I can do that :o)

I\'m sorry that you\'ll never know the joy of a MFM. We had them occasionally for a long time, starting when my wife was about 27, and loved every one. Never the first problem of any kind. I wish she were as hot as she once was. I\'m really glad for macman\'s wife.

Thank you, dear! My hubby thanks you as well for your compliment, such is life? I have found my niche in life and more importantly....who I truly am?

A mature woman who finally is at peace with my man, my lovers I share pleasure with and most important ..
Who I am as a mature desirable woman on to me, God's greatest lovely and wanting men!

Thank you

Ann Mac.

Thanks. Means a lot to me when other men tell me that?

Yeah, I did do MFM a couple of times but that was not with my wife. That was with an old GF.

Bootydude, I think that after a young man has found and married his dream girl, so to speak, he becomes possessive and jealous - doesn\'t want any other man to touch his \"new toy\". I know I was. My hot young beautiful wife was mine - all mine. Had it not been for our first unplanned and alcohol fueled swap with another couple about a year after we were married, we may never have known the wonderful pleasures of swapping and later MFM\'s which lasted for years. How can you be jealous of another man fondling your naked wife with you looking on while you\'re doing the exact same thing to his? I couldn\'t be. Somehow, without discussing it, we were able to separate physical pleasure with others from our deep , unwavering, emotional love for each other.

Words of wisdom,Horny old man! you said what some many millions of men have in their minds but never realized what was real truth?
Instead of seeing another man with YOUR wife, she is getting pleasured as well as you, yourself!

Could any man, any age ever be more pleased?

I have always been very opened minded wete my wife is more of a prude.
Thete is no she will let another woman have me. Her fear is I will like them more thsn her.
Also I am too much of an alpha male just to let two men have my wife and just watch. I am normally the other msn in a MFM,

I would so love it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It\'s not me. It\'s her. She\'s said unequivocally that she does not want to share me with anyone else. We\'ve been married for 25 years come November. We\'ve been together for 28 years.

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Hi Ann, this is a great story. I love seeing a wife that has realized that life is passing her by and she is missing some wonderfully exciting times, times she has dreamed about, but kept to herself, because she was to repressed sexually or inhibited by what our society says is right (I believe this is idea of morally right is an idea generated by a bunch of hypocrites). Then you and other lucky Ladies like you decided that you did not want to miss these pleasures of life that you truly deserve, took a gamble and won. I am very happy for you and your very lucky husband, and the lucky men you have sex with. I am sure you and your husband are much happier now.

Oh we ARE,I assure you! Seen five new ***** enter her mouth,**** and *** so far!

You are a very lucky man. Do you enjoy watching the other mens ***** shoot their *** into your wife's mouth and ****? Does your wife enjoy drinking their ***?

Oh God Yes! Always makes my **** twitch and spurt out my load! Yes, she is addicted to hot fresh *****!

Yes it is a very exciting experience. you are lucky that your wife is addicted to *** and loves to drink other mens ***.

Yes Ann, to see a woman still sexually active is good, but to now open up to other men is absolutely fantastic. You\'re a wonderful wife.

Thank you Dear man. I wish I could spread and show you how I deep throat!

Thank you dear, I wish I could show you how I would treat a man who deserves a good **** or blow job? I would give you either or probably both!


Dear Bobby...if you only knew! No, I haven't turned in to a gutter ****.but a fabulous lover and **** for those fe man who I do see and leave them on the way home with a hot memory they will never forget,Ever!
Great part, my husband understood this so many years ago and I could not get it?
I do now and we are romantic lovers as a couple and couldn't
be happier as a couple! flowers, kisses and a simple I love you!
The men I have good sex with our truly only great friends...just ask my husband who I wish to ****, he is first on the list, always!

Hello Ann, I am very happy for you, your husband and the other lucky men you have sex with. I don't think of a **** as a bad person, but more like a Lady that is freed herself from social inhibitions; which I think is great.
My wife used to be a **** and we both enjoyed her having sex with other men. Sadly, she got sick and lost her desire for other men. Now after about 5 years and much encouragement from me, she is starting to show interest in being an exciting ****, Lady and wife again.
Once again, I am very happy for you and wish you the best.

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great stuff

My husband and I swing and couln't see it any other way - Crazyabby

awesome 2 rock

Great story, most women are "going the other way" and having less or no sex as they get older, glad to hear some of use "old" folks still know how to have adventures

Adventures! Hell we take our fun and bodies to paradise when we wish to share?

It is NEVER too late! You guys, go!

We Do! thank you

we're experiencing the best of..for better or worse,truly.

Mr&Mrs's happy

My wife enjoys two men at the same time. It is so satisfying for her, and erotically stimulating to me! thanks for the story

Can't hope for more,can you? Two men!

Its such a great story, and we hope as you know to replicate

As our very good friends, we feel certain you shall find what you seek and share same success we have enjoyed so far? Fingers crossed to two really great people and friends!
Thanks for your comments. Keep us abreast of what transpires in your lives?

If you ever travel out to So. Calif., we'd love to meet you both!

We do got to San Diego and L.A. infrequently? Who knows? We may share a drink some time...or more?

We'd love to meet you, and if we click... sure, we could do more! You sound like a fun couple...