I Accept People As They Are.

I don't care if you're over weight, under weight, black, white, gay, straight, old, young, have mental health problems or a criminal record or have maybe done something in your past that other people don't find 'acceptable'. If someone needs advice or help or just someone to talk to I'll always be there.
Nethaly Nethaly
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

why u gonna accepted me i being waiting in friendship pending list for 4 hours now :O :P

Not sure what you're talking about? Lol

just give me the free cookies and we call it evening :D


You're awesome. That's all. :-)

Aw thank you! How lovely! As are you ☺️

Thanks friend. :-)

You're welcome pal :)

If I wanted to date you then you might accept me :D

Hahaha :)

No...really...I want to get to know you...And then I won't look elsewhere anymore

if you want to give me an opportunity that is

I'm not an online dater, I'm just on here to help people and to share experiences and meet people who have similar circumstance, but thank you regardless :)

Worth to try! :)

I respect your decision, but it was worth for me to try :P

Hahaha :)

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