I like people for who they are, and if we have differing opinions that's fine, I am a very open and understanding person, ready to help people with problems or thoughts they may seem as taboo, so I don't understand why i emanate peace and acceptance, but the moments someone discovers my beliefs im treat so coldly. My only explanation is that ignorance does not understand compassion.
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Which means you are a "smart girl"...i love people who are smart

hi, it would be lovely if u would visit this and tell me what you think?


Well, I believe that most young females and sometimes males, don't understand what depression really is, I suffer from depression and I know there is a strong difference between the actual mental disease. And teenage hormones, I believe young pepople are confused and don't understand their emotions, but that doesn't mean we should ridicule them, we should try to gently teach them and steer them in the right direction, from determining if there really is a health problem, or if it's simply teenage drama. It's a difficult filtering but it can be done. We must treat these people with kindness, and care, and also, websites like this are not good for a young mind because they are biased towards the views of a teenager, understanding yourself and your situation is easier if u look at it from both perspectives. Young and old.

you are the only person who speak my language on here, girl. :) i am glad i found you. girls of your age...well...they don;t have much opinions.

I know, it's dissapointing to see but I use it as a drive. I prefer to be mature and unique