I don't agree with one night stands, I believe sex should be out of love and passion wit someone u want a future with, now does this mean I look down on other who don't practice this? No, it means I still respect them, but simply don't agree with an aspect of your life. I'll still be kind,
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Please do not lose this outlook. Please do not let society change you as you enter into the teen years.

Boys will manipulate you into feeling love. Don't mistake lust for love. Look up the differences and learn what those feelings mean. I have a great book that can help you keep this your reality.

When I was your age I thought I didn't agree with sex before marriage and I was convinced I was going to wait! Now I have sex all the time with my wonderful boyfriend and we aren't married. Opinions change with age and experience. I personally would not do a one night stand unless it was with someone I knew. I'm not really into going with strangers. But people who like doing that, I don't see a problem with it.

Same here

I mean this with NO malice or I'll intent!! HOWEVER, keep this in the back of your mind. It will mean little to you NOW, but ring so TRUE when you reflect on it later on in life!!?

AT YOUR AGE, you are TOO YOUNG to know......what you DON'T KNOW!! Trust me, it is very TRUE!! Heck, there is STILL things that I don't know & I've got kids your age & older!?

My age has nothing to do with my opinions. I understand the sexual desires and basic urges that come with being human. But the human mind is stronger. I believe a little thought can help prevent this

AGAIN, you don't know what you DON'T know. And YES, age has EVERYTHING to do with it!! Your opinion IS what it IS. That is NOT undeniable!?!? HOWEVER, your opinions will MOST LIKELY change a dozen times before you turn the "ripe old age" of 21!! Mine did, as well as EVERY person that I've ever met. At the "profound age" of 16, I announced to my entire Biology class that I was a virgin & intended to remain one until marriage. Needless to say, fell madly in love & lost my virginity less than a year later. Sometimes circumstances encountered & life lessons learned "alter" our opinions. And that will UNDOUBTEDLY happen to you. Maybe NOT about this particular topic, but it WILL happen. LIFE teaches us lessons that affect our opinions & outlook (some good & some bad). When you are young (as you ARE), you have NOT been presented with enough of those lessons, to speak definitively enough that those opinions are right or even "right for you"!?!? Hence the cliche' that you don't know, what you DON'T know!?

How do you know I've not already been presented with these situations.
I am deeply In love and have had very tempting moments, but I guess that doesn't matter.

So, what you're saying is that you've ALREADY learned absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to know in life?!?? You've ALREADY had ALL the "life experiences" that you'll EVER NEED to inform an EDUCATED decision about EVERYTHING at the "seasoned age" of 15 years old?? You've ALREADY mastered all of your studies in Jr. High, progressed through all of the algebra, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, physics, etc., to earn your High School diploma?!? Enrolled in the local university, lived the "dorm life", became involved in campus activities, managed to live a life on your own away from the parents, & earned your Bachelor's degree??!? Gotten a job, paid taxes, become a law-abiding voting member of society, gotten married, reared a couple of kids, smile & laugh as you watch them grow, and make desperate prayers as they are rushed to the hospital for whatever reason?!? Wow!!?? You've done ALL THAT at 15??!? That's amazing!! Cause it took me 3X as many years to do that!? It is very well possible that you've HAD some "life-altering" experiences in 15 years?!? But think about it?!? Most of your pre-pubescent years, were filled with little more than childhood fancy. Whatever "life lessons" you might have "learned" have probably been within the past TWO years?!? NOW, just IMAGINE what you could learn in ANOTHER TWO?!? At least double what you've encountered thus far?!? That puts you at about 17?? What if you double those years to FOUR?!? You're now 21?!? Can you NOT see the EXPONENTIAL INCREASE in the "life experiences" that you've NOW had?? NOW, just imagine all of the experiences & life-altering moments that old farts like me & your dad have had???!? I'm NOT saying I'm wise, but I DO HAVE life experience. Let me leave you with one other WISE THOUGHT, courtesy of my father. "Son, you THINK that you've got ALL the ANSWERS!! The REALITY is that you DON'T even KNOW THE QUESTIONS!!"

Thought and respect for yourself can certainly help. I think what Virgo means is that your age sex isn't the same as it is my age. Age and maturity have a lot to do with sexual being. I can see where both of you are coming from.

I didnt say that.
But at 15 I know more about life it's problems than most at my age. I don't know everything but I do know more than most 15 year olds.
I've been through a lot, I understand a lot, and im always open to expierience more.
Also, I don't like the constant caps and overuse of puncuation. It doesn't make your point stronger.
I know there's a lot ahead of me, but I also know ive come a long way.

First & foremost, none of my responses have to do with sex. I DO NOT discuss sexual topics with children. I am certainly aware that the original post was regarding a sexual nature. I get that. However, I was merely stating that, at your age, your opinions on SEVERAL matters will undoubtedly change over the course of the next 5-10 years. Maybe NOT about this particular one, but who knows?!? And you may know more than most kids YOUR AGE, but that is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. As for my CAPS & punctuation, that is done to show emphasis on things that are deeply relevant. And believe me, if you get frustrated by someone emphasizing things with CAPS, then you're gonna have much greater problems later in life. When your professor is assigning copious amounts of assignments, your boss is chewing on your butt about a project deadline, your spouse is working late, & the babies are crying because they have colic?!? Yes, if you are disturbed by my punctuation for emphasis, there ARE NUMEROUS THINGS THAT YOU DON'T KNOW!!

I have to agree w Virgo. It's impossible for you to know what you'll feel in years to come. You can certainly hold your beliefs but to say you will positively know you won't change is impossible.

Reality is that you will change. I'm not saying you'll lose this moral. I'm suggesting to think about your changes to come physically. I don't have one night stands but I can see why my friends do it. I'm pretty sexual deprived at the moment and it's super tough for a woman my age. I can and will remain myself but certainly is a challenge. You won't know your challenges until they happen.

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Well said.

some times what we want we dont get so we have to do what is needed