My Job is not to Judge.
My Job is not to figure out if someone deserves something.
My Job is to lift the fallen,
To restore the broken,
And to heal the hurting.
JennaR JennaR
51-55, F
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I've felt that way for a long time. I'm told I "collect" broken people and turn them into friends.

Love it.

That's what I have to learn, I'm half way


It starts with a change in attitude. You simply keep reminding yourself to let things go, to not judge when you catch yourself doing it. To look for opportunities to be of service to others. To smile at every one you see. Listen to anyone who needs to talk.

But I get tese all time and upset cause me have autism aspergers and I'm autistic I went special school

It is very hard to forgive people who make fun of you. Be mindful that the only way they can feel good about themselves is by making fun of other people. You should feel sorry for them that they are unable to be happy. Also you don't have to hang around people like that Sir. Walk away

Can me be u freind

Of course I will be your friend.

Me send u one ok

You are awesome darling that is so very true.

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I wish I knew someone near me who would help me with hurtification.

I like to think that when I interact with someone who is struggling, I may have touched their soul enough to help with their pain or struggle. But to be sure I can or consider it a job is far to ego centric, a crutch I often stumble on myself.

I consider it a job as being a fello human helping another human. I feel we all have this job, but not enough people do it

To me a job is a burden, it should be a responsibility to be your brothers keeper, which yes is something all living in humanity should consider a pleasure.

I see this as a pleasure and as a gift from the Lord to be there for others. I am only a grain of sand in the beach of life

I disagree I have held several jobs in my life that I absolutely loved. A Job is no more or less than what we make of it. It was always a pleasure for me to work outside the home. Also I happen to enjoy jobs around the house.

To me it's all about attitude. A burden for some, a calling for another. i choose to help people bec I consider it to be a calling and a blessing. to help others in my opinion, is a way to thank the Lord for blessing me with life and a way to give back, what He generously gave me

I love Jesus! But I also am not religious, if that makes any sense? His teachings are grand, and his sacrifice, the most grand, if more could learn to love as it is proclaimed he did, the world would be a far better place. And I think faith, with the understanding of sister and brotherhood is a power greater then anyone thing, one religion, one ideology!

Not even close! Northern New England! But I appreciate the accolades!

I'm from Fl

I understand that is why I left hospice and went to research. It gets very hard for families and the people who support them. I did stay on as a volunteer, it is easier if you only have one person and one family. But still I did get to go home and to my other job and get away from the situation.
I wonder if there is not some agency or place in your area that has volunteers who will come out and give you a day off now and then?

And as we are blown by the wind and parched by the sun. So it is that we live and have our effect. Some times chaffing the soul, sometimes giving us traction.

That is beautiful, but what does it mean?

Where do you loose the meaning? Perhaps I can get you on track!

I think I know what you are asking. Life, has it's ups and downs. We learn from those ups and downs.

If only more could stop and consider what another is going through! It would change the out come if many things?

You husband and my Dee think a lot alike. I am far more willing to allow another person to fail, then I am to never give a person a chance. Dee keeps her self focused on remaining a rich woman. I think it's is the balance relationships are supposed to have if they listen to each other's reason and try to share in them.

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I feel exactly the same jennaR