Well, this is obviously a lie. I mean, there'd be few people to claim they accept Hitler, Pol-Pot or Stalin as they are, or for what they are. And those that do, well, they don't usually find other people as accepting, for a good reason.
The same goes, to some degree, even for the common garden variety Hitlers. And beyond even those, it's just a fact most people don't really get along that well. I'd hazard a guess I'm not *actually* acceptive of majority of people in the world - but I do accept their existence, and I never go out of my way to rag on them for what they are.
In fact, on EP I tend to avoid those whose profiles look like I would disagree with them in real life, and certainly don't bomb groups with contrary opinions (unless you count this one). Of course, this disagreeability is a fluid concept, certainy with people who are themselves capable of accepting different opinions without the desire to execute their holders, I can usually find enough common grounds to become close friends even with people holding very different views from myself.
So I guess what I mean is I accept you as you are if I find you're worthy of it. In less vague terms, usually as long as you're willing to accept me as I am. Hypocritical, perhaps, but then as in the lead-up, it's not really a good idea to accept everybody unquestionably either, and I think it's something along these lines most people mean by it anyway.
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people try to accept others because they long to be accepted. And total acceptance is another story...It may just be parts that we accept of each other.

I accept Hitler as he was!!!

Well said.

You don't have to like people to accept them for who they are. The important thing is not to judge them on things they can't influence (looks, height, disability, race) and judge them on their actions. It is also important not to try to encourage people not to be themselves just for the sake of you being able to like them. There are only two kinds of people in the world - friends and enemies. Give all your love to one lot and survive the rest.