The key to accepting people as they are is accepting yourself as are.
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Right on!

Perfect that.

I can accept whatever others are, for the most part, but have trouble accepting myself. Why ? I've been chronically ill for far, far, far too long. It started at birth, and things have gone downhill since. I've had trouble in EVERY aspect of my life, from physical to academics to social to job/ career. Directionality . So, because of it all, I'm 8 days away from #48 and still never have had a significant other or child. Or job/ career.
It's hell to be absolutely disabled( though I may not look like it) since birth.

damn. Your words hit me like a ton of bricks.

Can I ask what you are suffering from?

I wonder why some people reject themselves... ..

I have always accepted people for who they are and never judged but I can't say I accept myself!

that's so true. I actually tend to be more accepting of others than I am of myself.

I don't think this is true. I'm not always happy with myself, but I do accept people as they are & hope that they accept me as I am.

i accept people as they are. dont need self acceptance to do it tho xP

Can you explain it, the 'accepting yourself as are' part?

Self acceptance means that you don't deny who you are inside and don't change for anyone. You acknowledge that who you are is determined by what you think, feel and believe regardless of what other people say. By knowing this and accepting this (with love) you are unaffected by judgments and don't judge anyone else because you recognize that they are who they are just like you are who you are.

I don't care what people think about my beliefs/opinions. Whether they like the decisions I make, I don't care. Some beliefs, at the very least, are based upon my personal experience(s). Most of my immediate family, including me, have/had BAD health histories. So, I'm a BIG believer in helping "the tired,the poor,the huddled masses....." I hate bigotry of all kinds. I think everyone should have affordable health. On and on. So, that's a little bit more of where I " come from". In a few short hours, I'll be going to calling hours. It's for a high school classmates's(?) dad who's much older than my parents. I guess this couple had several children, and my classmate,Job, was the last one. Anyway. So, again, that's a little more about me. Love it or hate it. Disagree or agree, that's me. I'm now on to lunch soon. I'll be back. Hmm. I think I've heard that somewhere before. 😄 lol