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If I were to say"I accept people as they are" I think I'd be lying...however I  try to accept people as I think they are. You never really know if your understanding someone well enough to actually be accepting them for who they truly are...I can't even claim to accept myself for who I am for the same reason.

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Acceptance needs to start with in.. I agree. I accept I will continue to *** up / make mistakes and probably do and say sum colourful shyt. That's just who I am. If I offend I hold my self accountable, apologize unless you're a ****! I have yet to apologize to myself... lol.

You people are very nice!

Have to say very well said. I too am very slow to accept myself for who i am.<br />
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A mad thing happened today. i was explaining to a member how i felt inside 100% and they told me to look up bipolar cos it sounded like i had it. so i did and i can relate to most of the symptoms so i going to doc now to see if he can help me.<br />
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I'm a nice person but i do outrageous things sometimes and i rub people up the wrong way sometimes and i never no why i do silly things. AM startin to understand now i think i have an illness.<br />
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Scary **** man!

i can tell a lot about a person just meeting them i a room

I accept people for who THEY think they are...or at least who they want me to think they think they are. :P

I accept people as they are. It doesn't mean I have to approve of their behavior or agree with them but I accept them as they are.