I learned somethin on ep! i dont have to trust anybody if i learn from my experiences! u might not be the person i think u r but thats ok cuz i took somethin away good or bad :) there r bunches of catfish out there not googled but inside r some1 else :b the popular girl jessica at skool who is mean to me who calls me ugly might not think she is pretty. john the class clown might be the saddest one in our class. u no wat thou i can be sad and feel bad bout myself or i can learn. so to every every1 on ep who isnt a perv tryin to take advantage of some1 sexually or bein selfish for watever u taught me alot and im very happy to have met u :)
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These words are so wise it makes me wonder about your catfishity. But it really makes no difference to me. I neither gain nor lose , regardless of who you really are or how old. Although, it would go towards restoring my faith in your generation to know there are some people who still use their heads for more than farms that produce all the koolaid colored hair. Lol

take it easy there, Confucius. this is my point. its not ironic. the message she puts out here reflects an amount of wisdom I have never seen come iut of people who are twice the age as the highest age in her bracket. ..considering that ill not likely ever know for sure the age of this poster, it can never really go towards restoring my faith in the thinking capabilities of the younger generations. I dont mean anything personal . I know the deck is stacked against them . its more my fault than theirs because it came through us on its way down.

I don't like when people lie I don't like when people try to take advantage of the people it makes me feel bad. Because I give all I have. I would at least expect the same in return. It's too painful to push me into counseling because it hurts so much. I can't understand why people to be so mean. For self notification. It's

it's good you've learned this fast Jenna Keep it up you'll go far

Well u can just tell dem dat soeey mahn u r just not good enough!

good message it's very inspiring

Dang that's an UB3R positive way of thinking about stuff. Usually, I just forget about people and things that I dislike. But I admire dat positive-ness.