my next door neighbour stepped out of his house last month for the first time as a woman.....hes transgender and was doing it behind closed doors for years for fear of judgement and abuse.....hes almost 50 and feels free at last!! good on her!!
reyyah reyyah
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good on her:)

my goodness just woke up to reading this!! GJTF.....go back under your rock!! you can try and judge me all you want!! just by looking at my picture!! lowlife!! its ppl like you i actually ABHORE..... talking about devil worshipping and all that ****..... when did you hecome the almighty? utter wasteman....

Pretending to not know what I am talking about, denying it, and refusing to use your brain. Didn't mean you won a single argument point. Always remember that. You don't win for being arrogant. You win only if you are defending the TRUTH. The fact is this man's house is defiled physically, and he supports wierdos subliminally on the internet, glorifies idiots like womanizers, and criminals subliminally in public, and factually ahs a mental disorder. These are judgements of actions and opinions, not a person - which is required of every thing in existence, and religion insists you acknowledge these accurate judgments of action and mental condition. I accurately addressed the topics of this article and revealed truths, This Tranny was an imbecil and acted like one to boot

Congrats to her! It's just a shame she had to hide her true self for so long.

Good luck to her and it's great people like your good self are accepting.

Good for her! (and out of respect, any other pronoun of your neighbor's choice) That is a really courageous step. I wish her every happiness, and hope that the world does not judge but rather accepts.

"her" when referring to a human is a reference to an XX chromosome coupling. as does Woman, female, girl, lady, Miss, Mrs, Madam, and any other feminine title. Minus Pusssy, (slutt being unisex for people who give themselves away with disregard for the negative consequences on society, self, or others.)

the right to get married between homosexuals, is not the right to legally advocate the behaviour in public (with disregard for womanizers, criminals, doushbags, perverts, corrupt politicians, elderly etc...) so this is just stupid. He is a criminal. and criminally insane. and delusional for ignoring the negative subliminal actions he partakes in.

bahahaahahah. disgusting. hate to think of what goes on in that house. charge him for public indecency.

he is a ****-addict freak, who butt plugs himself under all likeliness. He is a threat to society due to his mental condition. I would be afraid if I were u to imagine how many diaper wearing queers there are out there.

the word hre is P0RN - addict freek

How is dressing up as the opposite gender make him a '****-addict freak'? Your logic is completely flawed. How is it public indecency??

If you say one word about God I will set the devil on you for 1000000 years.

I am the false prophet dumbasss. I get eternity with him. He is a p0rn-addict. first off. second, it is indecent because it glorifies the perspectives of every doushbag, idiot, pervert and criminal in the world subliminally and openly. (So I already answered your question.) And girl, remember what God said to his followers (the ones who actually followed his word and believed in his faith.) "I will curse those who curse you. And you will always be mine." I have the fortune of ruling in hell. He's somewhere, and that somewhere today was here. Slandering a homoe.

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Awesomeness! I wish more feminine expressive men could be that brave! And thank you for being open to the possibilities that your new woman neighbor has!

Good for him 👍🏻
Does he get a tv show now too?

I admire that about you!!!

Good on you for being a good neighbor and supporting her :)

You live next to Caitlyn?

She is very brave I think. Respect and hope things go well for her

Wtf is it with these older men becoming trans?

They have actually been trans their entire lives. Only now do they have the courage to come out.

I had a feeling

Go with the feeling!

They don't become transgender! Transgender was with them from birth. Society forced them to hide because this patriarchal male dominated society can't handle a feminine boy!

Now we get to an age where we really don't care what society thinks anymore and begin to live the life we should have the day we were born, feminine expressive men or with gender correcting surgeries women!

does that mean we have to see men kissing men in public too ? being all lovey dovey in public ?

Frankly I get upset seeing men and women suck face in public! But If we can see men kissing women we can see men kissing men. In fact i'd like to see a whole lot more lovey dovey in public. Sure would be better then the hate and violence we see everyday. You'd have me liking your point better if you were as upset over the the later.
To be honest I hate your bigotry, but entitled to it.

Let's not being this sjw bs please, let's just all agree that this extra freedom for those that it benefits is a good thing.

Extra freedom? How can someone have extra freedom you are either free or your not! And there is a whole lot of people ranking on another's freedom because they have a righteous morality that has no desire to let people live freely!

And what the heck is SJW?

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i dont baby. j make improvement.

That was beautiful Reyyah! Not so many people are as accepting as you. It shows what a beautiful mind and soul you have.

Good for her.
Congratulate her.

oh yeah what if i identified myself as a tree

then your a tree!

Why do you want to make a trans person feel bad? It is very unlike a tree to do that.

Trees are beautiful. Open your arms and create all the shade you want! What kind of a tree are you?

Look up the definition of gender, it has nothing to do with biological differences.

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How beautiful inside and outside of you :). Glad she's free.

this is probably the first time that i've seen/heard a muslim person, especially one who takes Islam so seriously as to wear a hijab, publicly and openly say something like this.

good on YOU!

I wish we would see more!

Hi that is so great to hear about to change and wear female cloths and dressing as a Muslim and wearing a hijab . She has feel great about it

How did you react to this?

with open arms... why not.... shes a very sweet person.... i jus have alot of empathy.....

Did you suspect before her entrance into the world?

doesn't sound great to me. it's still a his/her. people like jenner seem like attention seekers to me.

jenner is a tabloid puppet im sorry not a teue representation of a trans person...

Only because of her celebrity status! The media is what's to blame not Caitlyn. She is just doing what she was fortunate enough to do. And I'm going to predict that she starts doing a lot for the transcommunity.
Your right she's not representative of the teams community, but she's still part of it and perhaps fighting an ever harder fight because of her celebrity status!

Well he needs the money he will be paid a hefty price for speaking on their behalf!

Being a conservative, I sure hope so!

Okay first things first: I will still refer to Caitlyn Jenner as she wants to be called (and any other trans person for that matter); but Jenner did this in the middle of a media storm. Meanwhile this person did all of this and was probably scared as hell. That's the difference; one person here had everything to lose, and one had no real risk outside of possible family problems, but that is what normally happens with any non-heterosexual orientation.

Caitlyn Jenner is a trans celebrity; meanwhile the woman in this story is the real hero.

hero for doing what? changing his penis to a vagina? what's the hero work there? how has he made the world a better place?

She's finally comfortable in her own skin. It takes a lot of courage to do this, and you clearly have no understanding of courage.

he's finally comfortable in his own skin. he hasn't affected anyone's life but his. it's none of my business what sex he is. he had enough courage to spend lots of money to be a girl. horray! what a hero!

How ignorant can you be? Serious question. You say it's none of your business and yet you keep talking about it. She risked everything and if you knew anything about transgender issues you would know that.

I don't care because it doesn't affect me. I'm talking about it because i don't get why people give these people so much attention. risked what?

Just like gays, say how proud they are, I'm like why are they shouting out that they are gay and proud for>I don't want to hear they are gay so what????? you don't hear straight people having parades shouting hey I'm straight and proud !!! no one cares what kind of sex you have get i t??? we all know your gay all ready with out you telling us !!

i know straight is the default normal sexuality but gays keep saying how it's normal. if it's normal it shouldn't be a big deal.all this making noise about it. frankly i think you're as non straight as you choose to be.

You don't here straight people exclaiming their pride! Because you don't hear straight people loosing their jobs their family their friends their heads for being heterosexual!!!

Really! And how are you enriching the world? On selfy at a time?

lady what does my profile picture have to do with any of this? do you not have anything better to say?

Although it seems that way to you, it is actually more difficult for a person to come out as being trans than you can imagine. Non trans people not having enough empathy to take you at your word is extremely painful. Being ridiculed is always a risk. Add job discrimination to the list, along with hard to obtain medical care, and the risk of losing friends and family. Do you really think trans people are not sincere, considering all of the misery? No. They just want to live and be accepted without having to hide anymore.

i get your point I guess. It's brave but it's not "heroic".

It is to a trans child who see him/her self as an outsider! It gives him/her hope for something better!

oh puhhhleeeasse.

Really attention seekers? Says a girl taking a selfy!

you're taking an usie in your picture and since when does taking a picture mean you're asking for attention?

Not asking sweet heart looking! My photo is of my granddaughter and I I use it so people can see the validity in my life and hopefully understand that being transgender is not a need for attention but a need to be real!

look lady, I'd have thought you were more mature. do you have nothing better to say? It's my profile so I put a picture up of myself. it's not seeking for attention in any way. i put it up so people can know I'm real. i wasn't talking to you in the first place and now you butt in making rubbish comments about my profile picture and not even positively contributing.

Clearly your shallow enough to not get my "selfie" comment! Your talking about Caitlyn only doing this for attention, in an open discussion. I pointed out that you have a photo or yourself in the iconic "selfie" pose! Which is typical of someone who is seeking attention. How many "selfies" do you take of yourself in a day?

i actually haven't taken any recent pictures. selfies are taking pictures of yourself. don't you have any pictures of yourself? wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. so i wouldn't be an attention seeker if someone else took the picture? nice to see your logic. there wasn't anyone around to take the picture and a friend dared me to take a picture during truth or dare. now don't you look stupid? this entire argument is irrelevant and idiotic.

Hey I learned a new word! Usie, thanks I'll use it often, Not!

what is that supposed to be humorous or something?what ar you? 5?


spell 'selfie' right.

Oh my god! I made my point! Your just looking for excuses

I've made mine as well.

Your point is hurtful cruel non empathic and void of any kindness is that how you'd like to be treated the next time you need something from your fellow humans!

so you're way of showing me how bad my response is is responding in a nosy, mean, manner? nice one. it's my opinion, same way you have yours.

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That's beautiful :) I'm happy for her!

Do be Politically correct my Dear Him/Her.
I have no views on transvetites, or transgender except for one. JENNER.
He has deliberately rammed his changed down the publics throat, and for old fashioned people who wouldnot normally comment, like me they do. He has done it to make a name for him /her self and purely TO MAKE MONEY.
Let us not also forget that he crashed intothe back of another car and killed somebody.
Normal people like the ones born with the wrong organs for their own mental life are to be helped through the change.
We see now many women converting to Lesbianism and men wanting to be women.
Free world in some places, but in many such changes and acts accompanied with the problem are lunishable by death.
So yes he is free to be free and good luck to him.
We just do not want "the Jenner money makers" rammed down our throats

This is a realist comment whether you like it or not.
Since he "came out" he has his own programme on British Television, we are pushed with his adverts, and he has done it purely for recognition and to make money.


Nobody would ever do what you say Jenner did. She went to a therapist 30 years ago and was prescribed female hormones. Just because she has a reality show does NOT mean that she did this to get the show. That's ridiculous. Such simplistic reasoning.

Fact. Transgender is a real birth condition complicated by pragmatists that can only see black and white! Gender expression has a multitude of shades that you are blind to. You simply find it easier to reinforce gender stereotypes then look at the world around you and the multitude of personalities and gender expression.

Are you a troll or are you for real?

Same thing I was thinking... >:

Yeah it's a sad world alright! One of the reasons is because of you!

Why bother bloviating on a subject you obviously are completely ignorant of and have a bias disdain for anything you believe your God disallows.

Do some home work before you start with the hate!

Hahaha your psychopathic God as an excuse. Look up the definition of gender please, it has nothing to do with biological differences. Grow up, forget your childish fairy tales and look at the real world.

It seems to me Jenner had a fair bit of money to start off with before... If nobody watched it would not be on - I gather people are watching so not only the Kardashians now but a spin off as well...

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Good for him ☺️



She is expressing as a woman. You call a woman her!

Her! :)

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