I believe hate is the root of all evil .. There is nothing Godly about it.. We were not put here to judge.. But put here to love and teach and learn
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We are not put we are born

Oh! I don't know about accept people out. I usually accept all but never saw any accept me for who i am ever. They find it weird to be me :P. Anyway as glad to see some are acting that way.

Everybody is living in fear, its encouraged by our media, its another way to control people.

I don't, but the majority do.

Girl! You've got this so right! Completely agree, we are here to show love through Gods grace and acceptance

Preach ✊🏽

Well said:) 150% totally agree.

Hate fuels darkness. Hate is usually the root of all crimes committed and evil spread.

May every single soul keep a hundred percent away from hate and any kind of evilness. May we be filled and overflowed with eternal light and goodness, infinite ameen

From your sister in humanity xx


Such is indeed a nice notion, but history has also shown that many people have used god and religion as a vehicle to express their hatred of things.

Agreed @Calicocat80

I guess hate is related to good things as well, I hate to judge people, I hate to hurt somebodys feeling, I hate to see somebody in pain...etc
too much hate here but it's only for good.

but you hate to cause pain or to hurt someone, right?

Great attitude.