To all the EP ers on her. 2015 had come to its end. Thank you all for your entertainment. That includes the sexy ones. The horny ones. The self appointed EP police. The haters. The loveables. The sarcastic. The blockers. The fakes. The racists. The mothers and fathers. The Christians and atheists. The straight, gay and lesbians. The cheaters and not cheaters. The pretty ones, ugly ones, happy ones, broken ones. We all fly high with a broken wing.
You all are EP and makes life interesting and worth the time I spend here.
You do not have to love me, but I love you all.
Go for 2016 and take your dreams to the extreme limit.
Then you my special friend. I learned to love you. You can hate or love me for that. I will not judge you.
You all be blessed and have a happy 2016.
From the horse lover. May your peaceful mind leads you to extreme hights
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10 Responses Dec 30, 2015

LOL well i feel kinda sorry now that i didnt contribute .. but who knows i plan to spend more time here so i am sure we will eventually end up commenting on something or the other of each others in 2016

(Trying to imitate a horse but failed miserably) anyway happy new year:)

Thank you, we haven't become friends yet, but you sound like a wonderful person..... I wish you the very best for 2016 also, may all of your hopes and dreams come true.. :)

likewise yourself

back at ya ...have a great 2016

Well said! Best wishes for 2016.

thanks for sharing, so true, i would say the same...

Aw happy new year (:

HNY too :)

happy new year to you also