Why do some people feel the need to attack others for asking simple questions? Just because you ask a question about something doesn't mean it represents your opinion on it, unless you actually express your opinion. Even then everyone is entitled to their opinions. What gives you the right to attack me cause I believe differently then you?
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They're so insecure that any questioning about what they think is perceived as a threat. Their fragile psyches might be crushed.

These people don't know anything about you they're just trying to make their mark on the Internet to be noticed because they're so pathetic that no-one notices them if they're nice

Because everyone wants to believe they're right and everyone who disagrees is wrong, it's kind of bullshit

Unfortunately we live in a world where social hypocrisy rules the internet. What do I mean by that? Well, people want everyone to convert to their opinion when they give one about a certain issue, but as soon as someone says something that goes against their opinion, they lash out because the opinion doesn't appeal to them.

Because they can hide behind their computer screens with no repercussions

No one has a right to attack you.

I find that reprehensible!

And you are also not obliged to answer if you dont like the question

I agree also. Some people are looking to argue or pick fights with others for silly reasons. Everyone is entitled to there opinion.

Amen sister! Maybe if you know that it's going to be volatile question you could precede The question with I was wondering about or I was curious about. Something like that. I have use that on volatile subject matters and they worked for me. Good luck and don't stop asking questions. Be who you are and love it.

People like that have probly had to many conversations that they've been attacked for their opinions. It's possible they feel like a question seeking an answer is yet another attack. Very few people I've met the last few years are tolerant of people looking for answers. Fewer still can listen to an oposing view and not get upset.

Because people are silly like that. Also, welcome to the Internet.

I think maybe it's because those type of people don't think everyone should be entitled to their own opinion or that any other opinion besides their own isn't right?

I agree. Unjudging nerds against attacks! ;)