If only others could learn to accept people as they are, for who or what they are. Therians, LGBT, people into bdsm, whatever.
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gotta make some on that list legal to do first though. Hard to accept a freaky submissive pain **** when shes hidding from the fuzz

That's true. We pin names on people like *** and queer but they're just a little different. Who knows, maybe these feelings lye in many peoples heart but they keep them to themselves. Most people don't discuss their feelings. They could be wide spread. There are no statistics.

well I will accept you but don't expect me to support you if I'm not into what you do or believe.

I didn't ask for your support

that's cool but that's not what I meant just said that in general like lgtd what ever that is. I'm not supporting that because I m not into that but that doesn't mean I won't accept you I don't care what some gender is. but I will not support pedophiles serial killers or the likes, there is a limit to what one accepts

I'm not part of the lgbt community. I literally just listed off random communities


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What are Therians?

People who believe they were an animal in a past life and characteristics show through our own self. It's the best way I can describe it

Honestly there are many different views on how one is a Therian so that's just one of a few.