My only non kinky super predictable button down ex boyfriend/ now roomate
drunkenly told me last night. " Your life is an imaginary reality in which u created
inorder to cope with your insanity" whaaa?
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Hes absolutely on target. Because to the avarage And predictable middle class and sheltered person My life and family probably do seem so insane that only a crazy person could invent them.

That I can relate to, my family is nuts and my life is part circus, part experiment in edging the human psyche. πŸ˜‚

Lol only a really good friend can get away with saying this. I've heard something similar from my husband. I don't mind it, as long as I'm coping it's all good πŸ˜‚

Its a compliment coming from him really. His predictable and average Middle class conservative upbringing

I think maybe he shouldn't drink because hopefully that is the only time he utters nonsense like that.

wow thats messed up :-(

Screw him. Throw him out.

Hes my vanilla jimmny cricket he goes I wont have a conscious.

He must've been smoking some high grade grizzly.

Surely if your life was imaginary you would be queen of the world lol

Why would i wanna be queen of anything? To much thinking and not enough other stuff

But as queen you could order other people to do the thinking for you.... :)

Seems as tho he needs to unknot his anus just a bit.
It's causing constipation and ill temperament

lol Were working on it. Its a slow and tedious process to unclap a butt cheek.