my biggest mistake is thinking people are like myself , boy was i wrong . . . . selfishness will be the death of you!
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i try to

As do I, brother.

Look up Prisoner's Dilemma.

It explains why people are selfish and altruistic. It happens everywhere and in nature (e.g. chimpanzees with their food). *** for tat is the most successful way of benefitting - always copy what the other 'prisoner' did in the last round.


you thought people were like you and then you thought no one was like you. then why did you decide you are right about the second one? maybe some people are like you and some are not.

experience :)

A little bit of sane selfishness is accepted. It the way to save yourself in difficult moments of your life. And also it's the measure of the others understanding sometimes. Jesus said: Make to others what you would like for you. So...... a little selfishness is not a problem. A whole selfishness, on the other hand, is evil

You are already understanding a lot....... for now it's hidden in your inner archive. Things will come out in the true moment. Culture is what remains when you forgot everything.