I am more forgiving of other people's flaws than I am of my own.

I just don't think I should want to change people - they should want to do that for themselves.

As long as I'm fully aware of the person they are, I think that I'd forgive them for anything.

Maybe I am too forgiving. But I shouldn't expect perfection in people when I am less than perfect myself.
VioletVivid VioletVivid
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Wise words.

I think a lot of us are harder on ourselves than others. You sound like a very accepting & tolerant person. There needs to be more like you.

Tolerance is over rated.

More balance - I tolerate almost everyone while you suffer no fools ;)

I suffer fools all the time. I just don't talk about it. ;)
There's also a limit.
Again, it's a balance.

Hahahaha and today's theme is "Balance".

Happy Monday!

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