I Accept people as they Are

I know it's hard just to explain people who's a skeptical about " vampires"

They do Exist because I know Because I Aim One of them lot of people always afraid and fear us in human culture,

Everyone thinks everyone is special around here they think they are a perfect human beings likes to tease us judgement what's the point to be here then we write stories about our Real Truth experience all we get bullied answers also they don't exist and talk trash this is a bad website try be who you really are deep down your just a monster like rest of us here your not alone in this don't get hope because I've been bullied lot yes it's very, very stressful and very, very frustrated lot to explain people that vampires do exist everyone needs stop humans culture of movies and tv showed its hard tell the truth all you guys make fun of us stop asking you want be a vampire u want proof of it what the hell u need stop being Debbie downers just give us some space tell our truth stories about vampires describe magic you don't want to hear it you thinks it's all bullshit but it's not your just a boring human this is we are why u care we are real vampires this is not your life or your body to control what people say they are actually Real vampires why u care that we real it's not your none of your got damn business this is not u why u care then this is me what I like do and I believe so stop this bullshit crap that vampires do exist yes we have a heart yes we have real fangs humans needs stop bullied us that's why we hide because all the trash talk !!!
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Are you dangerous?

May I message you, ask you more about your lifestyle?

I just have a question about those books where vampires kind of like rule the Earth. Why not announce your presence or threaten humanity because vampires are described as like a superior to humanity? Would you say Vampires have different beliefs than humans?

Vampires are very much human, just a bit different. It is nothing like it's made out in books or movies. You won't find a vampire running like flash or lifting a car. Nothing like that.

Is there a definition? I'm interested in knowing.

Nothing glorious. At its core it's simply someone who has a sort of energy deficiency and needs to take that energy from other people, sometimes in the form of blood.

Doesn't have to be but its different or at least seldom talked about.
So someone who feeds off of positive energy can be a vampire?

If they actually feed off of it, yes.
Not to be confused with some people who just seem to absorb energy. People can do that without being vampiric.

So it's moreso of a physical interaction?

Well its not historical information its fantasy. Read for pleasure nothing more.
Maybe you should direct me to a historically accurate book on your Vampiric type of people.

I'm pretty sure she was being serious, I seriously would be very interested in knowing about what exactly what you define as being a vampire, not because I want to tease you or be nasty about it, I'm legitimately interested and I think you absolutely have the right to be a vampire and live the lifestyle that you want, so long as you aren't involving any non consenting people in anything harmful (not saying you are, I always say that about everything, people need to let people be themselves and be happy, so long as nobody is getting hurt, that doesn't want to be anyway lol), I'm good with it.

I'm intrigued!

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Meyer made people not talk them seriously.

Yep, she single handedly made one of man's greatest nightmares no better than angsty, oversized, sparkling mosquitos. You have to give her credit for such a feat really. She did pretty much bring about the whole sexy teen vampire dark fantasy trend.