Its OK if you don't feel amused at something I say or do. Don't fake a laugh. I get to KNOW its fake. And trust me I find it more hurtful than not laughing at all.
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Civilisation? Do you think that my morning chat with the coffee lady about the weather is because we both care about each other's view on the weather? I know I am talking crap, she knows she's talking crap, but it's done. Why? Social harmony. Take a contrasting case. Go to a Polish shop or one with a shopkeeper of different culture. There are no platitudes, and how does each party regard each other? As rude. That is how. So being fake serves a purpose!

calm down mate. i'm just expressing my views, not enforcing them on you. and there's a vast difference between a polite smile in a civil conversation and faking laughter in uncomfortable conversations.

I am calm. Just enlightening you, because lies are a must. Who is ever real? And what is 'real'?

Thanks for enlightening me. I get your viewpoint . FYI I wasn't generalizing the scenario.

Oh god, I HATE fake laughing. My brother fake laughs all the time and it grates on my nerves. He's always trying to be what he thinks everyone else wants him to be. But I just want him to be authentic. I appreciate that he cares about my experience, but I can't even explain why fake laughing is soooo irritating to me.

Wanna sext

Nobody needs a fake best friend,

No lol's for you with that post anyway.


forget him

Me Too, I just accept the fact of who or what they choose to be like and I let it all go. So be it, Because being positive causes happiness to flourish no matter what we face.