I don't try to change people. I would respect their interests and their beliefs because I don't think it is fair to disaknowledge their decisions unless they plan to do something evil.

Every individual are unique, and it shouldn't affect friendship or relationship in any manner. They can do whatever they like, and we should entrust them. We shall act positive towards them unless their intentions involve harming other people or illegal activities that are henious.

dave0903 dave0903
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5 Responses Jan 7, 2010

Well said!

I fully agree with you. People are different and we must learn to respect this difference. Moreover, we cannot change anybody, we can only change ourselves.

I think the operative word you use is "unique". Uniqueness can be a scary thing for some people. It is a brave person who can tolerate all acceptable forms of that. You, dave0903, sound like one of them.

Mhmm. Interesting. It's fair, it's everything virtuously free I can think of. But 'evil'? Maybe it's just the way that you said it... but a little enigmatic atmosphere as well I felt when I read the last sentence. I love your way--I think you might want to look a little deeper.

I completely and utterly agree with you there, i couldn't have said it better myself! if i tried, :-) well written :-) xoxox