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I always tell myself accept my friends who they are, as long as I though they are my friends. Because that's what I want my friend do to me. I think "Accept People As They Are" is a way of respect for others. People should be different instead of shaping in one same mold. Those diversities are what makes this world much fun. And, I believe, people can make true friends by accepting and being accepted as who they are .

For example, I'm a really shy person though I've tried to tell myself more open-minded for making friends. But, I hate some people have their own "social" rules and make me to follow their rules to fit in their small group. I want my friends take me as a friend because of who I am, instead of another name they know on their list.


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I like what you had to say in this post. I agree with you.

Then it's not a relationship at all to begin with, Szuchia. I stand by my ground. Relationships need to be reciprocated. If it's not, then they're just crushed leaves I can step on and walk away.<br />
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Easier said than done, really. But one must have a foundation for establishing relationships. I'm not always successful at it...but it should help me move on. :)

Hi, Slyph, I like waht you said that relationships are a reciprocating system. However, that's just not always true. Would it sometime bothers you if someone just don't have the way how you feel. The people I loved would not love me back, the one I disliked just alway trying to do something even make me dislike more. Sometimes, I think it's just amazing that a relationship can be reciprocating. :)

Ahhh...the Golden Rule..."Do to others what you would like to be done to you". Relationships are a reciprocating system...that's how it always begins. <br />
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Hmmm...lately the stories I'm commenting on are based on ethics...hmmm...

Yes, Lilly. That's how I want to treat people and to be treated. :-)

yess your just like me =) i believe in Be And Let Be

Hi, dreamvoyeur. Yes. I believe some people are just being nice and I appreciate those kindness. Just sometimes, a friend will make you feel really warm only by saying "I like the gentleness in your eye". It's those trust and warmness inside the friendship that stays in my heart. :)