It's In My Best Interest.

I really want to be my husbands obedient wife because it is a womans place to to submit to her man's authority. There was much I had to learn and there is still much I need to know, but my husband lovingly takes the time to teach and train me to be the wife he wants. Of course there are times where I forget or misspeak of do something wrong and my husband needs correct my behavior. A good sound spanking or whipping with the belt and some corner time to let me think about what I'd done is usual, though I've had to endure other punishments when he felt I needed it. In the end, I always thank him for helping me be more obedient, more his creation. I know that he punishes me for my own good.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Punishments are not generally "titilating" . <br />
<br />
Funishments are though. :)

yeahh i am also curious, what is your longist punishment and how did u forfill it?

what's the most titilating punishment he's given you?