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There is nothing more infuriating that someone blaming others for their actions.  We all have choices and we all must own up to them.  I am not proud of some of the things I've said and done in my life but what's done is done.  No one twisted my arm or put words into my mouth.  I did not read from a script nor did I hide behind anything or anyone when I did it.  My actions are mine...can I explain why I made the choices I did?  For some, yes.  But regardless of the outcome I will stand up and admit to my actions, decision, and the outcomes.  Consequences are not always fun or easy but that's the way life works.

I truly believe if more people would own up to the choices they made perhaps things would change for the better.
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What I read in you story was that it would be nice if other's did but regardless YOU take responsibility for YOURSELF and YOUR action's. In other word's you are honest and upfront and I can admire that. As per an example I read here, if I cheated on my wife, then I broke her trust and my vowel's, by choice. Some can forgive that and other's cannot. Just because I would own up to it cannot correct the wrong that I did to my wife. I made my choice behind her back and if she cannot forgive me and leave's me then at least she did it up front and I created the reason. Just because I said I was sorry does not put her in a position to forgive me. Each person must make their own choice ba<x>sed on their principle's. If it's not worth the outcome, dont do it.

I could not have said it better Miss Foolish, Bravo !!! My Best to you ma'am.

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I completely agree with what you said and one must always own whatever he had said or did. On the other side, I believe as life is a moving stock, over a period of time with expreince, if we realize that the stand taken up by us do not justify, we must be bold enough to accept the previous mind openly and change the stand. <br />
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Most people just because of how others will think or say if we change the stand adamently sticks the stand, which they themselves in their heart knows is not correct is wrong. <br />
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The honest character is to stick with the truth, whatever be the cost.<br />
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It's a brave behavior. Really.

Well put, I think. But if you admit that some of what you have done is wrong, why don't you stop doing those? Or you choose to do it again and again? Then I don't quite know your point. I think that's quite strange. But whatever that's a good thing for people know to confess ... I have to confess that I always think that everyone is good. Maybe you don't think I am a good person... that's ok. But I learned a lesson and even now.. I learn what 's the most important thing in life I should have. I think I was smarter than I am. But now everything is changed. And I will love what I have now and keep on changing into a better man. Thank you anyway. You~ really young but u. person. I don't tend to offend anyone. It's a good change. Really.

Be sure not to confuse passing the blame with explanation too often i ahve had people think im passing the blame when really im explaining why its either not an issue i didn't actually do it at all or that i had no reason to believe it was something wrong. But i still get annoyed when the very obvious ones start grabbing at straws to justify their actions.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!<br />
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MHO: Each of us are at our individual level of development. <br />
Most of us still have much to learn.<br />
Being tolerant of others is not always easy, but tolerance/empathy/ understanding, <br />
shows that one is on a higher level of development.<br />
We are all humans, with human strengths/weaknessess & thank goodness for that!<br />
How else will we learn to improve?<br />
Best wishes to everyone on your life's journey.<br />

Everyone here, except for King46, mirror my feelings and thoughts perfectly, so I don't need to repeat all of it. I would like to add, however, that the experience of being "found out" for blaming an innocent, was a cure for me. That was a very long time ago but such an experience I never wanted to be in ever again. I admire King46 for admitting he's guilty, but I'd like to hear him vow to turn that around into, "It's something I USED to do." There's no better time than the present to change things we don't like about ourselves. If you wait too long, it may be the one thing you're remembered for the most. You're young, get started in a new direction today!

totally agree with you.i don't think it's fair when people blame others for things they know they did themselves,it takes courage to admit your mistakes,and you have to forgive yourself before you can get on with your life.i know i have done some things i regret but that's in the past and this is my future.

You people are right,every thing I do i always blame other for it. I never really took ownership for what I did that was wrong,Im just so use to blaming other people. I'm used to it cause I've been doing it for so long.

Absolutely true, I'd like to think I have always done this, but I guess I'm not perfect.

Absolutely true, I'd like to think I have always done this, but I guess I'm not perfect.

I couldn't agree more, very well put!

I reckon that if you take ownership of your actions then you have the power over the consequences - if they are good then get yourself a gold freakin star you awesome person you -- and if things don't work out then at least you are the one in control so you are the one who can change things for the better.