I Must Look At What Part I Played...

I've been going through some changes in my life, change is something that is not easy for me. It seems I get comfortable even with things that are uncomfortable just because I'm used to it. So, some change is coming about, mostly someone is leaving my life. It definitely is for the best. I had been thinking for the last week or so about all the 'wrongs' I suffered at his hands. I was conversing with someone and it began to dawn on me that I had to take responsibility for my part of something that brought abuse and unhealthy circumstances into my life. I had to admit and take responsibility for the reasons why I let it go on. I am not proud of it, but I know why I did. I should have put an end to the situation long ago. I let myself be persuaded by others to an extend, and I continued because I didn't have the faith or strength or confidence to believe in God or myself to get through some difficulties without allowing a lot of dysfunction that came with the bit of support I received. So, I do accept my responsibility for this bad situation, I and hope that I have come out a better person. It's not always easy to look at some of our less than rosy motives in things, but without pain comes no growth.
LadyHawke68 LadyHawke68
46-50, F
May 8, 2012