I enjoy Sunday mornings, when the rest of my family is still asleep, and I can have some quiet 'me' time. I make some coffee, and settle down with EP.  I read some, I comment some, I talk to some friends, and if it's a good day, I get to laugh. 

This particular story is inspired by the stories of two of my friends.  One was a quote about blaming others for our problems.  The other was a story from about a year ago, with the funniest back and forth comments!  I laughed the whole way through them all. Those are my favorite times on EP.  When you're on with a fun group of people, and the comments take on a life of their own. I miss those times.... I've blamed the new EP format.  Complained about all the creepers that have invaded EP.  Whine about not having any time....

Well it's time to say baaahhhhhh to all of that!  If I still want to comment and have some fun, then I need to make it happen.  After all, EP is what you make it. 
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4 Responses Nov 11, 2012

Great point! I love how you summed it up!!!

I'm just laughing here...

On the quote...

Kidding. ;)

I miss those times too....but it takes at least two to tango


Yes...*wanders off to see if the faerie is around*


Well speak of the devil and she is sure to appear :)

Lol! Partly appearing. Can't really see the faerie, can you?

*bellows devilish laughter* mwahahahaha...

Well you can appear "invisible" so to of the benefits of taking out a subscription

I thank my anonymous sponsor for the invisibility cloak. May need to take back the devilish laughter... my sponsor might be lurking. ;P

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Life is what you make it.

And Ep is life. A small, deranged sliver of life out at the fringe of sanity ... but life nevertheless.

Sweet talker ... flattery will get you anywhere. =)