Frustrated Mother To Be.

I've taken full responsibility for my actions. I'm gonna support my baby in anything it does. Unlike you. You make me feel worthless and unfit. Just because I'm unwed and not interested in being courted by a man you chosen. Although he was very sweet and understanding but that's not the point. I'm an adult now let me make my own decisions. Even if they are some bad ones. I don't need you threatening to kick me out. Cause honestly I wouldn't care. I would find me a place. I just need you to be my friend and help me not my enemy and break me down.
badgirlbee badgirlbee
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Great words, bee, hope you well, and hope stopped being sick!!
How are you sweetie??

Morning sickness has taken over. I stay near the bathroom all the time. I don't wanna eat and can't keep it down if I did.

Oh babe- I wished I could give you a cuddle- you've seen your doctor??
You must keep your strengh up - you want your little one to be healthy when he/she is born- take it easy, babe- ill catch you soon.
Mark xx

I got appointment Tomorrow

Ok. U take care of yourself.

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