Accept Responsibility, Consequences, Or Both?

I noticed the "I Accept The Consequences Of My Actions" experience has markedly less members than the "I Accept Responsibility For My Own Actions" experience so I'm here to try and recruit you. Plus we're both bored so I figure why the hell not.

The consequences of our actions aren't always immediately apparent. Stop reading if you're bored. I believe the key word here is, "immediately," in that it suggests a timeframe beyond which the consequences become apparent. If we were to stretch that timeframe to beyond the span of our own lives the consequences of our actions can no longer be accounted for since we are dead. Similarly, if we were to shift the previously established concept of immediate to space, not time, and stretch its frame of reference beyond the individuals who we immediately affect the consequences of our actions become harder to trace, thus we become harder to hold accountable.

Without getting spiritual, I feel it is important to every once in a while contemplate what it is we're doing -or not doing- that could affect the world in ways that aren't immediately obvious, and to hold ourselves accountable for these actions be it a slap on the wrist, a heavy heart, a shrug of our shoulders, or a proud smile. I think it's important to accept responsibility for the consequences of my actions whether they manifest in the face of my best friend tomorrow, or the faces of my best friend's unborn children 30 years from today.

To say that I have the potential today to affect my best friend's children 30 years from now assumes quite a bit of power on my part. Whether you believe I have that kind of power or not doesn't much matter so long as I am mindfully concerned with the consequences of my actions in the case that I do and act in accordance with what we all feel is right.

Semantics? Concisely!... I mean, "Precisely!" I only hope sharing this thought with you was the right thing to do...
Now tell me you're not anxious!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2013

Quite a story. Definitely something to think about when making decisions

Damn, that's a lot to think about