It's By My Choice

Who's to blame?  It seems like we hear that or read that just about everywhere and about everything now days.  And then if you read or listen further you will find someone blamed for what ever the article is about or what ever the conversation is about.  But who is really to blame?

I was taught to accept responsibility for my own actions throughout my life.  This was reinforced during my time in the Air Force, and I tried to teach this to my children as well.

I could easily have put blame on my environment, on people close to me, and on my childhood experiences.  I have known poverty, abuse, and criminology personally. I have divorced over irreconcilable differences and I have been used in other relationships.  So, yes, I could point the finger at another for many things that have taken place in my life.

But, I can't see where that would gain me anything.  In fact, to me it would take something away.  Sure, others made their mistakes, but I made plenty of my own as well.  I know I don't care for it at all when someone is pointing and saying, "It's all your fault..."

In fact, it's down right upsetting to have that happen.  The first thing I think is... "And you didn't have any choice in any of this?" No, the way I see it, we all make decisions and those decisions are going to have lasting effects.  If they are good, we are quick to take the credit, but if they aren't so good we should still be just as quick to take the credit.

Just for an example, lets look at the current mess our economy is in.  I hear and read about someone here being at fault, someone over there messed up, it's the government, it's big business, etc.  Sure, I could jump right in and say the same, but as I look around me, I see fellow Americans out of work, losing homes, and filled with insecurity.

I look around my home and I see "made in China" on just about everything around me. If not China, some other foreign country is supplying the item.

Who's to blame?  Now, I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone, but my wife and I have started looking very carefully at where things are made and if at all possible, we buy American.

If your one of my countrymen that is suffering or at loss from our current economic crisis, I offer my apology for not doing this all along.  I pray that my actions will be enough to help...

darknight darknight
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 4, 2009

Thank you for your understanding and taking the time to comment...

I tend to agree. Well said