From everything I've done in my past to what I may do in the future, I know what I've done wrong and I will always take full responsibility for it. There's no excuse for the things I've done. Sure, I was a teenager but teenager or not, I still chose to do them. I thought it was fun and it made me excited. I know now that the consequences where that I lost many of my friends' respect. Was it my fault that she did what she did? Of course not. I told her to stop but it was my fault for what I said to her. In the heat of the moment, I needed to get it off my chest. She just wasn't cluing in to anything I've said and I was kind enough to stay as a friend after what she did to me. Still, I feel guilty for what I said. Thinking about it now and granted I had the chance to go back in time, I wouldn't have said it in that way. With that being said, nothing actually happened afterwards. She again, lied and is fine. I saw her a week ago, didn't really give her the time of day as she tried to approach me twice but regardless of what she did, I gave her a pleasant "Hi".
Tazzu Tazzu
26-30, F
Aug 15, 2014